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New CD Features the Sounds of the Bronx

Hai Rezolution: Local Musicians Go Back To Their Roots

By Jon Minners

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Salsa has made a big comeback in The Bronx.  Once a popular haunt for salsa, The Bronx is welcoming back the popular Latin music with open arms.  Hai Rezolution, a salsa band from The Bronx, knows the type of music all too well, with band members playing at the height of its craze in the borough.  Now, the Comeback Brothers of Salsa are back and back in The Bronx. 

Hai Rezolution has been playing a style of Latin Jazz called Salsa for well over a year now, returning to the music game they left behind.  Various members of the band performed with well-known names, such as Willie Colon.  Now, the band is back together with members from the popular group Jungle Rat, including Dwight Brewster, keyboards, percussion and vocals; James Taylor Bass, percussion and vocals; Skip Green, drums and Quentin Luther, trumpet, along with a slew of new members.  Now known as Hai Rezolution, the group has performed all over the city, but come back to The Bronx whenever they can.

“Back in the 60’s, there was a club in The Bronx called the Colgate Gardens,” said Brewster.  “All the top bands played there.  Tito Puente, Eddie and Charlie Palmieri were some of the big names that were showcased at the club.  Those were some great days for salsa.  We are a retro group existing in the new millennium.  Our roots are in the Colgate Gardens.  Every time we have a chance to play in The Bronx, we invoke that feeling of the Colgate Gardens.”

To hear Hai Rezolution play their form of Latin Jazz, go to tropicalcaribbeanjazz.com and learn more about the band including where they will be heading next.  Check out samples of their music and see what the new salsa craze is all about.    

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