Roadsong: Volume 1

Story and Art by: Allan Gross & Joanna Estep

Published By: Tokyopop

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano

     Although I’ve read a few of these manga style comic books in my life, this is the first time I’ve been asked to review one.  Roadsong, brought to us by Tokyopop, is an action/romance about two would-be brother-in-laws/musicians—Monty and Simon—who go on the lam after a massive explosion on Monty’s father’s yacht claims the life of almost everybody they know and care about. 

     Monty is a spur-of-the-moment, callous, ladies man, with an uncanny gift for musical improvisation.  Simon is a lovelorn, dreamer, who is resentful of Monty’s wealth and his attitude.  The two polar opposites would never have associated with one another if Monty’s brother and Simon’s sister hadn’t fallen in love and chosen to get married.  But an old rival’s of Monty’s father—Yamada—puts an end to all that, and because Monty and Simon saw him, Yamada is hell-bent on eliminating them as well. 

     Of course, at first, neither Monty nor Simon know any of this.  All they know is that someone tried to kill them.  It’s not until Monty’s father confesses to having set the bomb himself while leaving his son a cryptic message via newsreporters, that Monty and Simon figure out that something is horribly wrong.  Now they have to survive on their own, with nothing but each other and their talent to keep them going, alive and safe.  Can these two polar opposites learn to live and work together for their mutual benefit?

     I found Roadsong to be a funny, engaging story, that managed to hold my attention, despite my not being a big fan of this type of genre.  It wasn’t outstanding or ground breaking.  In fact, RoadSong, looked pretty generic for the most part, and while the art work was pleasant and easy to follow, the two main characters looked almost identical at times—which made the first few pages a little bit of a nuisance since both worn similar suits for the wedding. 

     Roadsong is a quirky, page-turner, that I probably would have liked better cinematically than in this medium, but for those of you who are more into this medium, I’m sure you’ll like it.  I might even pick up the next volume, as it did leave me with an itch to have a few questions answered.  Like, why Yamada went through all this trouble to have Monty’s father killed and what will happen to Monty’s father now that he confessed to a crime he did not commit? 

     All in all, I enjoyed Roadsong, and you might as well.  Check it out; you shouldn’t be disappointed. 


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