Science Fiction

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines

Author: Aaron Alston

Published By: The Ballentine Publishing Company

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

Star Wars Rebel Stand Cover    Aaron Allston is a science fiction / fantasy writer who is well acquainted with the Star Wars phenomenon.  He’s written four of the novels in the popular X-Wing series.  That’s what makes him the perfect choice to write the two-novel series entitled Enemy Lines.  Many of the characters he created / expanded upon are featured in this installment of The New Jedi Order.

     For those unfamiliar with The New Jedi Order, the New Republic has gotten past the threat of the Imperials.  Having created an uneasy truce with the remnants of the Empire and no longer at war, the New Republic has become complacent.  Some members liken the New Republic to the Republic of old, rife with bureaucracy, strife, and political red tape, and foretell of its downfall.  Suddenly, the predictions come true as an alien race from another galaxy, called the Yuuzhan Vong, invade the planets of the New Republic and bring about its downfall. 

       In Enemy Lines, with the fall of Coruscant, it would appear that the Vong have won the war.  The remnants of the New Republic Advisory Council are at a loss as to what the next course of action should be.  The refugees of Coruscant stage a daring takeover of a Vong-occupied planet known as Borleias Wedge Antilles leads the rag-tag remnants of the Fleet against the Vong and recaptures the planet.  Now in possession of the planet, Wedge and his group must find a way to cause further embarrassment to the Vong Empire while keeping the unsupportive Advisory Council at bay and in the dark. 

        Several missions are hatched.  Antilles, Jaina Solo, Kyp Durron, Jag Fel, and members of Rogue and Wraith Squadrons hatch a plan to further harass the Vong, using Jaina Solo as the bait.  Leia and Han Solo travel from world to world, setting up rebellion cells in hopes that they can counter the New Republic’s appeasement policies which are very reminiscent of the Empire’s attempt to wipe out the Jedi long ago.  And Luke Skywalker sneaks a team in to Coruscant to learn about the evil presence now residing there along with the Yuuzhan Vong – a presence that reeks of dark side power.  Meanwhile, spies are running rampant within the ranks of survivors.

     Aaron Allston’s earlier Star Wars novels were always jam-packed with action and the novels of Enemy LinesRebel Dream and Rebel Stand – are no exception.  With vividly detailed descriptions, the reader finds his/herself smack-dab in the middle of a space battle or hiding in the forests and rubble that are now all that is left of Coruscant.  Allston doesn’t just write Star Wars, he creates it around you, leaving you with the impression that you are right there standing beside your favorite heroes in a quest for good over evil.  The reader finds his/herself drawn in and unable to put the books down until the tale’s resolution. 

      There’s something for every type of Star Wars fan in the novels of Enemy Lines.  There are raging space battles, fabulous dogfights, Jedi battles, romance, witty banter, undercover missions and spies to be rooted out; anything you would expect from a Star Wars novel and more.  One of the most exciting and tide-turning adventures within The New Jedi Order Series, Enemy Lines is one series not to be missed!                  


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