A MySpace Find

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When we started G-POP.net, it was with the intention of reviewing both mainstream and independent artists alike.  We had been around the block long enough to recognize that many talented individuals in the world go somewhat unnoticed by the mainstream media and we believed this to be an extremely unfortunate occurrence.  The mainstream music industry often overlooks the raw talent out there and relies instead on the more popular bands / singers to keep the industry going.  But these popular bands had to get their start somewhere. 

            Somebody had to say – “Hey!  Check out these guys!  They’ve got an awesome sound!”  How do you think bands like Maroon 5 got their start?  Do you think SEAL just suddenly appeared out of nowhere?  Someone had to hear the musical talent of these individuals and spread the word.  Believe me, word of mouth is a very powerful tool.  Well, in this edition of MySpace Finds, I’m here to spread the word about yet another musical talent that deserves to be heard, SDoun.

            Born and raised in New York City, SDoun began displaying musical talent at a very young age.  By the time he was seven years old, SDoun had begun composing music and by the age of eleven, he was studying classical piano at the Manhattan School of Music.  By the age of 15, SDoun was performing, winning an award for excellence from Oxford’s Trinity College at Carnegie Hall.  Moderate success has followed and by 2005, SDoun found himself performing a duet with Alicia Keys at “The Black Ball” a Keep A Child Alive Fundraiser presented by TIME Magazine.

            So why haven’t we heard SDoun’s music on mainstream radio?  That’s the question I asked myself after listening to the music and watching the videos I found on SDoun’s MySpace page.  When I discovered that SDoun had more music on a separate website (www.SDoun.com), I just had to listen to the rest.  By the time I was done, I was a certified SDoun fan.

            I honestly think I was hooked after watching the first two videos.  In Thank You Love, SDoun’s style as he sings his praises to his loved one is reminiscent of Billy Joel.  To watch SDoun play the piano is simply amazing.  His fingers with such precision and grace that it’s easy to see that SDoun views the piano as an extension of himself; a medium for his emotional release.  His strong vocals coupled with the incredible skills he exhibits on the piano paired with his dark sexy looks will make the ladies swoon.  The video was well done and very professional looking – like something you would see on MTV or VH1.  I followed this video up with one for the song When Sorrow Calls.  This is SDoun at his best.  Closing your eyes, you could almost picture Luthor Vandross singing the song.  His voice is satiny smooth and it’s easy to see that love songs are definitely SDoun’s strong suit and he backs this theory up with romantic ballads like Touched, Special and All the World to Me.  Yet, SDoun’s music cannot be pinned to simply one genre.  For the Sake of Our Children is a pop song with a message about the world we live today.  In this song, his voice is powerful and the message is strongly delivered.

            As it turns out, the music I listened to on MySpace and SDoun.com are actually tracks from SDoun’s debut album, “The Hearing”, which is now available for purchase at CD Now.  Anyone who is a fan of Luthor Vandross’ work, really has to check out SDoun’s music.  A friend of mine was in the next room when I was replaying some of SDoun’s tracks while preparing to write this review.  The first question was – Is that Luthor?  The next question – Who did you say that was?  And then – Wow!  He’s good! 

                 Check out SDoun.  I know you won’t be disappointed.


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