Original Writing

Sevens - What I Can't Say

By Jon Minners

I just don't know
I just don't know
My mind's a blank
And I just don't know
My mind's filled with holes of hard to understand feelings I hide deep inside
But I do know
That I care about this girl
A deep feeling I haven't felt
Something I've never known
For 7 years with someone else
It took 7 minutes with you
7 minutes to feel what it once took 7 years to feel
Those beautiful eyes
I could stare at all day
That smile blinds me
I just look away
I like what's inside most of all
I like everything there was
Everything there could be
In just 7 minutes I knew
I wanted 7 years with you
17 years beyond that
77 years together
An eternity and 7 minutes with you
I just don't know; I guess I always knew.

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