Original Writing

Smile Always

By Jon Minners

She made me smile
It has sure been awhile
check my file
a year and six months
since I last walked that mile
A journey to happiness
A long road indeed
Where you donít get what you want
But you get what you need
She made me smile
Itís sure been awhile
Since my teeth showed
Not in anger or a snarl
Not to eat, not to bite
But to smile for awhile
And I laughed
I laughed like I forgot what laughing was
like chuckles and giggles
were made up words
to make us do something
that didnít exist
to make us laugh
like I laughed
She made me laugh
she makes me smile and laugh all the time
she inspires me to write all my rhymes
Itís not about kissing or hugging or sex
Itís about the spiritual vibe
thatís Iíd like to caress
to hold on to/bring close in my life
to never let go, to never give up, to never leave my side
When sheís not there
itís ok that sheís not
because the memories of her words, the words that cut deep
like knives could never be so sweet
kills me with her charm
yet doesnít mean no harm
beauty in and out
makes my soul want to shout
but I donít; I canít
Iím too busy
canít shout when my mouthís doing other things
she made me laugh
Itís certainly been awhile
and shouting just doesnít cut it when youíre stuck
stuck in a smile
she made me smile
I hope it lasts a long while. 

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