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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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Reviewed by: Justine Manzano


     Last week I told you that you shouldn’t care about Brangelina’s baby and I meant it, but what you should care about is when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Those nicknames are stupid, anyhow) make an awesome movie together.  That’s what’s important, because they are actors!  Though I had a qualm or two about their time playing John and Jane Smith, as there were moments of continuity that left something to be desired, this was a fun and sexy action flick with great characters.  I think they came out of this one with their performance credibility (if not their personal lives) in tact.

     Mr. & Mrs. Smith is about a married couple who are bored with their lives together.  How could they not be?  Separately, they are spies, living dangerously at every turn.  Together, they are boring, everyday people who can’t seem to get their marriage straight.  They go to marriage counselors, but there is a giant chasm between that is built from the secret lives that each of them lead.  This doesn’t last forever.  After both agents are sent on the same mission, and accidentally stop each other from accomplishing their objectives, their agencies pit the two of them against each other. 

    Immediately, John and Jane meet their match.  These two super-spies can't seem to kill each other.  Is it just because they're both that damn good?  Or do they love each other too much to do the deed?  As John and Jane struggle to take each other out, they worry if they are doing the right thing, all the while getting  to know the people they actually married.  Will they fall in love all over again, or will they kill each other first?

     I don’t think there is any need to say that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have incredible chemistry—it’s pretty clear from Jolie’s pregnant belly.  What surprised me was Jolie’s knack for comic timing—for an actress who always goes for the drama and does it well, she also does comedy very well.  Despite the fact that some points of the couple’s trials and tribulations aren’t realistic and despite facts that will ruin the end of the movie for the reader, the action is fun and exciting. 

     Surprisingly, Vince Vaughn, who seemed the funniest in the previews, was stale here.  Either I'm tired of him playing the same guy all the time, or all of his funnier lines were wasted in the over exposed previews and lost some of their flavor by the time I saw the movie.  By the way, did anybody else find it strange that Vaughn has gone on to strike up a relationship with Pitt’s ex, Jennifer Aniston?  Maybe he tried to do his worst on purpose.  Either way, even he couldn’t tank this movie. 

     Fun, fierce, and sexy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a great entertaining movie, with a light-hearted story that can’t be taken too seriously.  So ignore all the hype that drowned out the movie when it came out, pop the movie in, and enjoy.  And try really hard not to think about the fact that something very much like the sex John and Jane are having in the movie is what made that real-life baby.  Sorry...their both REALLY hot!  I leave you with that thought…enjoy!

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