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Reviewed by Justine Manzano

     Sometimes you just watch a show because it’s the right genre.  Everybody does it.  They turn on the TV and say, “Hey!  This is a crime drama!  I like crime dramas!”  It doesn’t matter if they’ve seen it before, know the characters or whether or not they’ve heard it sucks the big one—they’ll try it.  They may never watch it again, but they will definitely give it a shot.  It’s genre faith and, at times, it is blind.  It’s the reason why I initially watched Supernatural in the first place.  And now, with the second season about to begin and the first season DVD sitting firmly in my DVD collection, it is hard to believe that I ever just watched this show, now one of my favorites, as a throw away.

     Supernatural premiered on the WB (now the CW) in September 2005.  The story follows two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester.  Dean (Jensen Ackles, Dark Angel, Smallville) is older, a womanizer who looks like he’s been through his share of wars.  Sam (Jared Padelecki, Gilmore Girls, House of Wax) is a baby-faced super smart college student with a beautiful girlfriend, Jessica and a real life.  When the to meet up, it’s clearly a clash.  Dean comes to visit Sam in college to deliver bad news—their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Grey’s Anatomy, Weeds) is missing.

            The Winchester family secret is not like most family secrets.  When Sam was just a baby, their mother was killed by a demon, right over his cradle.  Dean and his father bore witness to this demon, and ever since, John has raised both boys in an endless quest to find  the demon perpetrator and destroy any others they find along the way.  Sam, who has always had trouble with the way he was raised, had since rebelled and moved away to school to avoid his father and brother’s shady lifestyle.  Now, with their father missing, Dean has recruited Sam once again to help track him down.  And Sam might have actually said no…if it wasn’t for the distinct evidence he finds that tells him the truth--until this demon is caught, anybody around Sam is in danger. 

            Supernatural is no throw-away series.  Both actors do a great job at playing off of each other—these are true brothers, playing pranks, fighting like dogs and guilt tripping each other like there is no tomorrow.  The action is sound and the drama effectively tugs at the heart strings, but in a manly way, of course.  There is something for everyone in this series.  You can either fawn over the hot guys or fall in love with the woman of the week who is always a cute girl and is usually following Dean around, although Sam actually started to get some play in the end.  Action buffs can enjoy the battles the brothers get into every week, while story lovers can revel in the mythology created behind each week’s creature feature. 

            The DVD features great extras like commentary from Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, creator Eric Kripke, director David Nutter and producer Peter Johnson.  It also features two vignettes.  One is on the making of the series, and the other is a guided tour through the lives of Jensen and Jared, whose unique take on the series is a blast to watch.  And, let’s not forget the blooper reel, which is the best part of any DVD boxed set! 

            Supernatural is an adventure about two brothers with an incredible past dodging through the heart of America and killing demons along the way.  It’s atmosphere is dark and dusty and brilliant!  This show is a must-see!  The second season has already begun, so now is as good a time as any to start catching up!  


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