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            Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, an epic adventure was told in theaters and thousands flocked to discover the mystique of the story entitled Star Wars.  Fans of the film kept coming back for more – every sequel, every book, and every magazine article disappeared in the hands of rabid fans who craved more information about the characters they had grown to love.  When the internet was born, it became an ideal location for Star Wars fans to discuss the movies, their favorite characters, the book and comic book series, the collector’s items, and more. 

            Enter, a website that is dedicated to everything Star Wars.  Do you want to know some minute detail within the Star Wars universe?  Chances are you’ll find it here. boasts an impressive crew of writers and technical staff that make every visit enjoyable.  All avid Star Wars fans, each crew member knows exactly what the fans visiting the site are looking for and do their best to satisfy every Star Wars craving. 

            The site has something for every aspect of Star Wars fandom.  There is a section for the latest movie (at this time that section is Episode III – Revenge of the Sith).  This section contains any and all information about the movie, including characters summaries, locations, droids, ships and vehicles, and news.  There are sections for the older movies which include news and other informative tidbits.  The Holonet takes care of all the miscellaneous Star Wars news tidbits from Star Wars actors’ special appearances to special Star Wars auctions.

            Book and comic book connoisseurs will enjoy the Books and Comic Books sections on  Readers will find a plethora of news about upcoming releases, information about writers and artists, interviews, and more.  Wondering whether buying a particular book or comic book in the series is worth it? has an innovative way of reviewing Star Wars literary works.  Books are reviewed by two or three staff members.  Each gives a rating of the book from one to four, four being best and one being worst.  There is a summary of what the book is about.  Then there are three sections that the reviewers post their thoughts in.  First, The Good, which chronicles the good parts of each novel reviewed.  Then, there’s The Bad, which chronicles what the reviewers think makes the book less than enjoyable.  And then, there’s The Ugly, where each reviewer posts what they strongly feel was a sour moment in the novel.  The idea of finding more than one opinion for a novel in one spot is ingenious.  Most people have to search several sights to get enough opinions to make a decision about a book, but saves its fans time and energy.  Comic books are reviewed a bit differently, each review conducted by one reader who gives a summary of the comic book, a review of the writing and the art, followed by a recommended rating (1-10).

            Star Wars video game fans will get a great deal of information about upcoming titles, as well as news about the recent titles available in stores now.  Choosing which game to buy can be a snap after reading a gaming review at  Readers are given an overview of the game, an idea of what free play is like, a “bottom line” as to whether the game is worth purchasing, and a rating score of 1 to 100.

            Star Wars collectors will be delighted by the vast amount of collecting information to be found at  Everything from the latest toys to special one of a kind lithographs are covered.  Links are included to assist collectors in finding their hearts’ desires.

            The Fan Film section of contains a huge amount of films created by Star Wars fans.  The creativity of the films available is uncanny.  There are cartoon renditions, spoofs, inside looks at scenes not in the original movies, original stories set within an Expanded Star Wars Universe, and more.  Some are more innovative and enjoyable than others, and yes, there are the occasional cheesy fan flicks, but most will thoroughly enjoy the creativity that can be found here.

            The same can be said of the Fan Art section which boasts everything from pencil sketches to paintings to digitally enhanced imaging.  The main Fan Art page is an assortment of news about every form of Star Wars art out there, from book covers to limited edition prints.  Visitors of The Museum will enjoy sorting through all the different desktop wallpapers, posters, and assorted other artwork submitted to over the years. 

            Looking for a good read, head over to the Fan Fiction section, where there are hundreds of stories to choose from.  Readers will find a never-ending supply of creative writing spanning through all six movies and beyond.  Writers who are unhappy with certain aspects of the original movies have submitted their own renditions for approval.  Expanded Universe fans have expanded the Star Wars Universe even further by creating their own characters and adventures.  Some writers have sought to fill in the gaps between the movies, enlightening us on the characters movements and actions between Lucas’ storylines.  The section also supplies information about the writers, reviewers, and editors, as well as information about submissions and how to become a reviewer yourself.

            If you’re looking for a laugh, look no further than the Humor section which supplies a laugh a minute.  There’s news that will make you chuckle, written tidbits designed to make you laugh, and Star Wars captionings which are bound to elicit a guffaw or two.

   is an amazingly interactive site.  There is a forum where Star Wars fans can discuss anything they can think of amongst each other.  Stories, art and fan film submissions are encouraged.  Also, is always receptive to news from its members – anything from a actor / actress sighting to a Star Wars reference on a favorite television show. 

            This review only scratches the surface of all that is available to those who visit  To coin a term from the site’s reviewing processes, the “bottom line” is that is a must visit for any Star Wars fan with an insatiable appetite for all things Star Wars.

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