Alternative Music

Have A Big Day

Artist: The Ums


Reviewed by Melissa Minners



            For some reason, the album cover of Have A Big Day by The Ums reminds me of The Beatlesí The Yellow Submarine.  The album liner notes give listeners the impression that the group has a sense of humor.  Well, humor is always welcome, but do the boys from Tallahassee have talent?  The Ums is made up of four members Ė Brett Vaughn on vocals and guitar, Stephen Gillespie on drums, keyboards and vocals, Jesse Ricke on guitar keyboards and vocals, and Alex Zacharias on bass, cello and vocals.  The band definitely has a different sound.  Itís reminiscent of sixties and seventies music. 

            Musically, these guys have something out of the ordinary.  They have a decent beat and the cello, keyboards, and guitars blend well together.  Iím fairly certain that the lyrics have some meaning behind them.  But, quite like Bob Dylanís work, the lyrics are a tad difficult to get after the first, second, and third times hearing the album.  The singing is also a bit like Bob Dylanís Ė god-awful.  The best vocals I heard on the entire album were found on the very last song, Drive-Thru Lover.  However, this song had to have been included as a kind of goofy track geared at having a little fun with the audience.  How else could they be perceived with lyrics like: "I love the girl in the drive-thru...I know her name but she doesn't know mine because I don't wear a name tag."  I tried to look up other lyrics on the album, but the only one available was When The Sun Comes Up.  Though the lyrics to that particular track are commendable, they really arenít all that special. 

            The Ums strikes me as a group of guys having fun with one another.  They definitely have musical talent and the lead singer on the track Drive-Thru Lover definitely has vocal talent.  However, this is one band that will likely never make the big time.  Goofiness can get you some attention, but talent is what gets you the contract.  Perhaps if they found someone to mix their tracks better so that the music doesnít overpower the vocals and use a different member as the lead singer, The Ums will improve, but right now, Have A Big Day is nothing but a big bust. 


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