Music from the Twilight Saga

Composed By: Carter Burwell, Alexandre Desplat and Howard Shore

Performed By: The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Distributed by:
Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The Twilight series of novels by Stephanie Meyer, featuring vampires, werewolves, battles and romance were devoured by a captive audience and inspired four movies with a fifth to be released in November 2012.  The music of each of these films was created by some of the most revered composers of the day.  On April 24, 2012, for the first time ever the music of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn: Part 1 will be released by Silva Screen Records on one album, Music from the Twilight Saga.

            Iím not a tremendous fan of the Twilight movies.  There are some enjoyable parts, but I can really take them or leave them.  But the music Ė now thatís quite a different story.  I love the music composed by Carter Burwell (Twilight, Breaking Dawn: Part 1), Alexandre Desplat (New Moon) and Howard Shore (Eclipse), so I couldnít wait to listen to the 25-track album. 

The music is arranged in movie order with Twilight tracks coming first and so on until we reach the final movie in the series.  However, the music of each film is not exactly arranged in order of appearance in the film.  Despite that fact, the order of arrangement seemed to work, offering the listener a view of the emotional build-up of each film.  The music starts off innocent and romantic, but things become more intense and more dramatic, culminating in the music created for Breaking Dawn.

My favorite tracks are those featuring snippets of the incredibly romantic theme, Bellaís Lullaby.  Whether performed on piano, guitar or by full orchestra, this composition is standout and I looked for it throughout the album.  There were quite a few other standout tracks, including The Meadow, Jacob Black, Jasper, A Nova Vida and You Kill Her You Kill Me.  As performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the music of the Twilight saga is incredibly beautiful and I applaud the individual who selected each and every track as being standout moments from each film.

Music from the Twilight Saga is an album that would make any Twilight fan extremely happy to own.  But you donít have to be a fan of the Twilight saga to enjoy the music created for the films.  This album would make a great addition to any music aficionadoís collection as a perfect example of music composed for film that can also make for a highly enjoyable standalone album.


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