Underworld: Evolution

Produced by: Sony Pictures

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano


      I was fortunate—and by fortunate, I mean, girlishly ecstatic—to be able to catch the much anticipated sequel to the hit film Underworld Underworld: Evolution, is a film that I’ve been waiting to see for three years now, since the first movie left me speechless, heart-thumping and eager for more.  Maybe some of that has to do with the little known fact that I love vampirism in all mediums, but I think it had more to do with the first movie being excellent and the fact that it set up perfectly for a sequel.  My two biggest fears after walking out of the theaters three years ago was that Underworld 2 would never be made—for whatever reason—and that it would fail to live up the standards the first movie set.  It was worth the wait.

     Underworld: Evolution picks up immediately where the first movie left off, with Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael (Scott Speedman) on the run in the aftermath of Viktor’s death and the chaos that had been left behind.  Selene, knowing that she has only one hope of avoiding being hunted by her own kind, attempts to return to the mansion to find Marcus (Tony Curran) and plead her case before him.  Only Marcus, awoken early by the blood of a werewolf, has gone mad and—unbeknownst to Selene—is pursuing a personal agenda.  With Viktor and Amelia now gone, there is nothing to hold Marcus back.

     After finally—finally—killing Craven and viewing his memories, Marcus goes after Selene, convinced that she holds some knowledge that will help him.  Together, Selene and Michael attempt to fight off Marcus, but only manage to survive, and just barely.  They go on the run, with Michael struggling with his newfound abilities, while Selene discovers that Marcus is attempting to rescue his twin brother William—the first, pure werewolf—from a prison that Viktor had her father built six centuries ago.  Somewhere deep in her childhood memories is the location to that prison, and she must find it before Marcus can, before he releases a beast so wild it never returned to human form. 

     All in all, I loved this movie.  Sure, there were a couple of plot holes and a couple of questions that were never answered to my satisfaction—one of which being, how much of a hybrid was Marcus and why.  But these little imperfections were not so much of a nuisance that they took anything away from the film itself, which was packed with action, story, romance and even some real emotions.   The fight scenes were incredible—I can’t get enough of Michael slapping the tar out of people—and we finally got to see Selene do some serious fighting, laying down the guns for a bit and getting dirty. 

     And to top it off, they left the movie open for another sequel.  It wasn’t a definite invitation to another dance like the end of the first one, but they didn’t box themselves out of the chance to make another film—which I like.  So maybe if we’re all good boys and girls and pray really hard, Santa will drop Underworld 3 into our socking in another three years.  I, for one, will be waiting.  In the meantime, there’s always another trip to the movies and wearing out my DVD players when the Evolution comes out on DVD. 

Until then, enjoy everyone; I sure did. 

 Underworld 3

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