Distributed by: Artisan

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano

      I picked up this DVD for one simple, regrettable reason: I wanted to see what Ashlee Simpson could do in a movie.  Iím a fan of her albums, despite her inability to sing live, so I figured it was as good a reason as any to check out a DVD when I had no other idea what to watch.  I should have watched one of my home-owned DVDs instead; hindsight is always twenty/twenty. 

     Undiscovered follows Brier Tucket (Pell James), a young model, who moves to L.A. in the hope of making it big as an actor.  In her acting class she meets Clea (Simpson), whose character is so pointless, she does not require a last name.  Clea, in turn introduces Brier to Luke Falcon (Steven Strait), an aspiring musician, whom Brier had actually met two years earlier for about four seconds in New York.  And miracle of miracles, they recognize one another and became close friends. 

     Luke is instantly smitten with Brier, but Brier, already dating a rock star that cheats on her and never sees her, tries her best to fight her own feelings for Luke.  She chooses to do this, byóin a premise reminiscent of an old Saved by the Bell episodeóhiring groupies and models to throw themselves at Luke while he plays in a local club to make producers think he's a hot commodity. 

     So courseóbecause life actually works this wayóBrierís scheme works and Luke Falcon goes from struggling musician to rock star almost overnight.  Luke, not knowing anything about her hand in his success, begins to get sucked into the lure of the rock and roll life, distancing himself from family and friends.  The one thing he is still sure about, is how he feels about Brier, and he pursues her constantly.  But Brier is tired of dating rock and roll starsóeven though she liked it well enough before Luke became a rock and roll staróand refuses him yet again. 

     But when the truth of what she did to get him famous comes out, can their friendship and his career survive the fallout? 

     All in all, bad movie, not worth anyoneís time other than to make fun of it.  I realize this was a low budget film, but the cinematography was poor, and looked as if they were being shot by a film student rather than a professional.  The script was mostly laughable, and the acting tended to feel a little forced. There are jumps in time that are sometimes so seamless, you donít realize that time has passed at all. The romance between Luke and Brier and friendship between Brier and Clea are glazed over so quickly that it leaves the viewer with a feeling they are watching three strangers interacting.

     This movie felt like one big vehicle for Ashlee Simpsonís album Autobiography.  If the title of the movie, an obvious reference to her song Undiscovered, wasnít enough of a clue, her singing the song at one point in the movie for no discernible reason, was a dead give away. 

     In fact, the only good thing about this movie was the skateboarding dog.  Donít know what Iím talking about?  Donít worry, itís not that important. 


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