Why The WWE Lost A Viewer 

by Ismael Manzano

     I’ve been an avid wrestling fan since I was about ten, and throughout that time, I was very loyal to WWE—then, WWF.  That’s almost twenty years of loyal viewing on my part, with the occasional ticketicon to a show and a few videos or DVD of my favorite wrestlers.  I’ve jumped around to other programs from time to time, but nothing quite held my interest like the WWE.  Even ECW with all it’s emotional and death defying matches, did not consistently hold my attention like the big papa, WWE.  Why then, might you ask, would I turn my back on a twenty year odyssey?  Have I grown up?  Have I lost the time required to watch the programming?  Is my wife nagging me to stop?  Yes to all of the above, but that’s not the reason why I’m now an ex-WWE watcher.

     Plain and simple, I’m appalled by what transpired a few of weeks ago on Smackdown between Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio Jr.   For those of you who may not have seen or heard it, the WWE has used the death of Eddie Guererro as part of a feud between the above mentioned superstars.  It was bad enough—in my opinion—that Rey constantly refers to Eddie every time he talks now and that Chavo is doing Eddie’s frog splash finisher every time I tune in to see him, but to use Eddie’s memory as part of a feud is just insulting.  And to have Randy Orton—one of the best heels I’ve seen in a long time—lower himself by saying that “Eddie is in Hell,” was just disgusting.  Now, I know that Eddie was not a saint, but he was loved by many and he entertained us all every time he went into that ring.  To say something like that for a few extra boos was unnecessary and immoral.  Let the dead rest.  Remember them fondly.  For crying out loud, Eddie hasn’t even been dead very long and they’re pulling this &#!%.  And there’s a rumor that Vince wants Eddie’s family to be at the PPV where Randy and Rey settle their feud.  For what?  Seriously, is Vince a sadist or something?

     For those of you who think that this might be a complete 180 turn around, let me stress that this was just the last—and very big—straw thrown on top of a large pile of crap.  I remember the days when wrestling was fun to watch, cheesy at times, but ultimately entertaining, days when there at least appeared to be boundaries.  Now it seems that nothing at all is sacred, that Vince will use anything and everything just to stir the pot a little.  I mean, ECW had some crazy &#!% in it, but most of their offensive material was delegated to simple sex and violence story lines.  Vince takes things to a different level. 

     There have always been bad angles in WWE, angles that have turned me off to the programming a little bit, angles that seemed to make no sense but still received airtime.  Does anyone remember, Mae Young flashing people at a PPV?  How about Mark Henry admitting publicly that he had sex with his sister—and don’t try to tell me that that storyline did anything for his career.  That was some sort of punishment, plain and simple!  Just like with the angle with Shelton Benjamin and his mother; you can’t tell me that he didn’t piss someone off to get stuck with that storyline.  He beat HHH and now look at him.       

     WWE in the past has exploited people’s real life tragedies to fill a few seats.  From the death of the Big Show’s father—which actually happened, only three years earlier, from what I read—to the whole Lita/Edge/Matt Hardy angle.  What would possess the creative team of WWE to keep Lita and Edge together, boast about their sex lives while rubbing up on each other on national television when Edge is trying to fix the mistakes he made in his marriage—to not Lita?  Now personally, I couldn’t care less if Edge was put off by the angle or Lita for that matter, but is it fair to have to make Matt see this or to make him wrestle Edge just because it would get a lot of heat?  And how about Edge’s wife who has to watch her husband with Lita every week?  Are they trying to break up a marriage?  Then again, I guess I can’t expect much from a company run by Vince, a man who publicly admitted to his own affair and then proceeded to—and is still—making out with every twenty-something piece of ass that signs a contract with his company.  Way to live out your mid-life crisis with dignity!!  No one wants to see hot girls making out with you!  And nobody wants to see good airtime taken up so you can just your jollies off!!

     Hey I’ve got an idea for Vince and the WWE creative team, how about you guys resurrect that old tag team The Twin Towers.  Yeah, that’ll be great.  You could have the One Man Gang and some guy who looks like the Big Boss Man—you could call him the Bigger Boss Man—and then have a couple of Iraqi wrestlers airplane spin them until they’re crippled!!  How’s that sound for a story line?  It’d definitely generate a lot of heat wouldn’t it?   


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