We Are The Kitties: Read This Or I'll Bite You

Edited by: Karen A. Whisler

Published By: Inkblot Books

Reviewed by Natasia Minners


            When it comes to heroes in this world, I canít say I have a whole lot of individuals I look up to.  Iím a very picky cat with a very discerning nature.  Therefore, my hero has to be someone that I really can relate to who has qualities I strive for in life, achieving milestones I can only hope for.  Thatís why my hero is Max Thompson, author of the Psychokitty books.  When I discovered that there was another book containing entries by Max Thompson and his little brother Buddah Pest, I just had to have it.

            We Are The Kitties: Read This Or Iíll Bite You is an anthology of entries written by kitty bloggers all over the world.  The book is edited by Karen A. Whisler and contains a foreword by Max Thompson discussing how much kitty blogging has grown since he started his venture into online blogging in 2003. 

            The book is filled with interesting stories.  Some are written from a humanís point of view, but most are written by kitties.  Although I enjoyed them all, my favorites are Evil, Ohio and Along Comes Buddah by Max Thompson, A Day in the Life of Icat Skeeterovich by Skeeter and The Story of My Life by Skeezix the CatEvil, Ohio talks about Maxís big move and Along Comes Buddah is the story of how Max got a little brother and how that may have saved Maxís life.  A Day in the Life of Icat Skeeterovich is a break down of an entire twenty-four hours of Skeeterís life and his activities with his sister LC and The Big Thing (his human).  Skeeter was an indoor/outdoor kitty and his adventurous day is quite interesting.  The Story of My Life is an autobiographical tale of Skeezix the Cat from infancy to home life with his brothers to successful and popular blogger.

            Thereís also poetry - regular poetry, free verse and haiku.  My favorite poem is actually I Wanna Be Friends by Buddah.  Itís a two page poem in which Buddah tells Max just how much he likes him and loves to play with him.  I also enjoy Karl Schultzís small poems found throughout the book - short and very sweet.

            I also thoroughly enjoyed the Some Conversations With Cats chapter featuring the thoughts of a family of kittens from all different age groups (from kitten to elderly).  The quick snippets are hysterical, especially the one in which Misty decides she wants to be a House Lady and help her mommy clean.

            We Are The Kitties: Read This Or Iíll Bite You is a great book and a lot of fun to read.   The only parts I didnít enjoy were the story or two about the Rainbow Bridge.  I donít like to think about fellow cats crossing that bridge.  It always makes me sad when I think about my brother Rascal and when he crossed it.  In fact, I got a bit angry when I got to those stories.  Here I was laughing and having a good time and then wham!  A story about the Rainbow Bridge. 

            Despite that, I think that We Are The Kitties: Read This Or Iíll Bite You is a book that every cat from kitten to full grown should read.  Older cats will relate to the tales of cats and their humans and younger cats will get pointers on how to deal with humans, ďvishus deerĒ, dogs and blogs.  I highly recommend this book and want to thank Max for inspiring us all to enter the blogosphere, whether to write fictional tales, stories about our lives, poetry, reviews of toys, books and movies, or just plain rant about our humans.  Had it not been for Max, I believe many of us would never have entered the internet world and our stories would remain untold today. 

            Anyways, you need to check out We Are The Kitties: Read This Book Or Iíll Bite You - seriouslyÖitís a really good bookÖbesides, if you donít the cat on the cover looks like it just might adhere to the message in the title.  Yikes!


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