Talon Karrde

Melissa Minners: Once a moderately prosperous smuggler, I have found that there are far more interesting and advantageous ways to ply my trade by brokering information instead of goods. I use my charming nature, my wit, and my way with words to get my messages across to those I deem worthy...or those who have the right amount of credits available...

Oh, wait...that's a character out of a Star Wars book.

I'm the product of a very unlikely couple - a millionaire by day, vigilante by night and an antique dealer by day, thief by night. My father never knew about me...that is, he didn't until my mother was murdered by one of his enemies. I was taken in by a friend of my mother who noticed that I had developed certain uncanny abilities - lightning-fast reflexes, night vision, superhuman strength...

Oh, wait...that's a character from a television show.

I stopped to help an injured woman on the street and somehow found myself traveling with her in London Below, seeking out the person responsible for killing her family...

Oh, yeah...that was a movie I was watching the other day.

I guess you could say that I'm a lover of entertainment - all things entertainment. Most e-zines limit themselves to such things as movies, music, and books. It is my dream, and the dream of the co-owners of this site, to bring you more with G-POP.net


Justine Manzano: This Bronx native is no stranger to writing, having published an article in the Bronx Times and worked for two years as a featured reviewer on www.ybfree.com.  An actress and singer in her own right, Justine has starred in many musical theater community shows and student films.  Mrs. Manzano attends Hunter College, where she is working towards a double major in Creative Writing and Media Design.  Twenty-four years old, married, and having lived quite a varied life so far, Justine is now working on a variety of manuscripts including a play.  She is one of the two co-owners of G-POP. 





Staff Writers


Ismael Manzano: Our resident ranter, Ismael Manzano has been a writer and crazy person all of his life.  Driven by stupid people, places and things as well as a love for the written word, Ismael is currently attending Hunter College for a degree in Media Design and a minor in Creative Writing.  He is always working on writing projects and has several manuscripts in the works. 








Natasia Minners: For years I struggled with the fact that not having an opposable thumb prevented me from keeping a written diary about my daily interactions with the human race.  From the moment I saw the computer my human brought home and rashly coveted as her own, I knew my problems were solved.  Sneaking in to use the computer while my human was asleep, I would tap away, recording everything from my impressions of the world at large to my favorite books (Don't shake your head - if I can type, I can read...duh!).  Then, one day, the human discovered my musings and decided that my fresh outlook on life might be just what the G-POP.net doctor ordered.  I am currently being paid a can of Fancy Feast an article for my words of wisdom - not enough, if you ask me.  If you know anyone who would be willing to pay me in cases of Fancy Feast and/or catnip, please let me know.