Why Buy In?

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By T.B. Fisher

Distributed By: Outskirts Press

Reviewed by Justine Manzano


            Believe it or not, is not my main source of employment.  It doesn’t pay my bills (fans—spread the word more and one day, maybe it will!), so I have what I call my “true job” and I have my “practical job.”  My practical job has me working as a legal secretary at a law firm that grows more and more every day.  Anyone who has ever worked at a law firm will tell you that it can get pretty uptight in a place like that and you may find yourself struggling to hold on to who you are.  If you are anything like me, you are having so much fun being you, wackiness and all, that you fight like hell to keep yourself from “buying in.”  That’s where T.B. Fisher’s self-help book “Why Buy In?” comes in.

            Fisher was a self-proclaimed workaholic who worked in the corporate realm.  As such, he fought to maintain his own personality as well as his relationship with his wife and six children.  It’s a hard thing to maintain when you are working in a business world that asks you to conform to the type of behavior that is deemed acceptable to the world around you, a business world that asks that you drop your family and jump to their aid.  As he became amused by the corporate world’s singular way of thinking, Fisher chose to write a book containing his own tips on how to avoid being stuck in the rat race. 

            Written so as to be read one page per week, “Why Buy In?” provides the reader with useful and truthful reminders on why family is more important than work, on how to keep your real-life dreams in focus and not get sucked up in what is practical, and on how to continue to be the free thinker you have always thought you were.

            Written in a bright, intelligent manner that often makes you chuckle, this book provides you with a year worth of reminders on how to be you despite the stereotypical world of business.  So, if you are a dreamer stuck in a corporate body, this is the book for you.  If you ever felt out of place in your workplace, as though everyone thought you were unrealistic, this is the perfect book for you.  So read on and enjoy—this book will remind you why you’re you—and why you never should have questioned it in the first place.

            Speak on T.B. Fisher—speak on!

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