Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Are you a 70ís or 80ís kid?  Did you grow up playing games like Pac-man or Pitfall on an antiquated Atari system?  Do you find yourself humming to the tune of ďTransformers: more than meets the eye?Ē  Are there He-Man, Thundercats, Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures prominently displayed in your apartment?  Then G-POP has a website for you!  Welcome to X- where the 80ís definitely live on. 

            X-Entertainment.comís owner, Matt, confidently states that the website is not an 80ís nostalgia site.  ďBasically, the entire site is a tribute to anything I feel, or have felt, passionately about in my life. It's really not an '80s nostalgia site,' the reason it's garnered that reputation is because I'm big on nostalgia and I was a child in that decade.  To say it's by design though would overstate it a bit. The main purpose of X-E is to bring to light many of the more obscure, geeky parts of pop-culture that often get buried as years go by. Whether it's an old movie, toy, video game, television show, or candy bar - if I feel strongly enough to write about it, I probably will

          And write about it he does.  Visitors to the site will find articles about Castle Dracula, a now-defunct ride that used to be a main attraction in Wildwood, New Jersey, 80ís print ads, horror conventions, Kool Aid, Star Wars food and toys, old action figures and more.  Matt inserts his own feelings into nostalgic pieces in a colorful way that makes each article fun to read.  Many articles are especially fun for those who have grown up in the 80ís and have had ample opportunity to come across ads for things such as WWF Ice Cream Bars and the Cheetos Cheetah.  Have you ever wondered just how useful half of the Star Wars items for sale during that decade were?  How many children begged their mothers for a box of C-3P0 cereal?  You can find the answers at

          Perhaps the most nostalgic and therefore the most entertaining part of the site are the snippets of commercials from the 80ís provided for your viewing pleasure.  You can watch anything from commercials for Kennerís Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back action figures to a cheesy old Simon electronic game television ad.  There are numerous commercials for toys such as Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats, G.I. Joe and more.  Remember the huge Kool-Aid pitcher that would bust through walls and save the day for thirsty kids everywhere with a trademark yell of ďOH YEAAAAAAH!Ē?  You can find him here as well.  And what about all those cereal commercials you used to love as a kid?  X-Entertainment.comís got them!

          Even the BLOG section is entertaining.  Visitors to the site are encouraged to post there and you can find topics ranging from Fuzz Worms to Valentineís Day, Kool Aid to Live 8.  There is plenty to discuss here.

          Folks who grew up in the 80ís will find a site full of 80ís nostalgia.  Younger visitors can do some research into what made their parents act the way they do.  They can find enjoyment in the cheesiness of old television commercials and marvel at the toys kids growing up in the 80ís used to play with.   So, check out, a site that has something for everyone.


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