Non-Fiction: Sports Humor

How to Talk to a Yankee Fan

Written by: Andy Wasif and Rick D’Elia

Foreword by: Bill “Spaceman” Lee

Published By: Seven Locks Press

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            They are everywhere – at work, in the store, on the road, at the beach - Yankee fans!  Argumentative, my team is better than your team Yankee fans!  My brother bought me a book shortly after I moved in with a calmer than most Yankee fan – How to Talk to a Yankee Fan by Andy Wasif and Rick D’Elia.  I thanked him.  I hadn’t had much drama living with my Yankee fan, but you never know when you might need some help should the Yankees make it to the playoffs yet again.  Especially since my Mets, series-bound, tanked at the end of the year, not even making it to the playoffs.  So sad.

            When I cracked this book open and read the foreward by Bill “Spaceman” Lee, I realized that this was not just a “How To” book.  This was a novel written by Yankee haters.  Uh oh!  Maybe I shouldn’t be reading this in the presence of a Yankee fan.  And yet, I just couldn’t resist.  Writer Andy Wasif and comedian Rick D’Elia serve up a rip-roaring hilarious book in which they tear Yankee fans apart.  It’s obvious that these guys are not fans of the New York Yankees.  I would venture to say that these guys have much animosity where Yankee fans are concerned. 

            How to Talk to a Yankee Fan categorizes Yankee fans for you, allowing you to decide just what type of Yankee fan you are dealing with.  Then, it gives you pointers on how to deal with each type of fan in different situations.  The book is chock full of quotes from baseball fans that describe past dealings with Yankee fans, feelings about Yankee fans, feelings about the team and more.  There are even quotes from Yankee fans, but most of those are dissected…or should I say torn apart by the authors.  One of my favorite chapters is an unauthorized tongue-in-cheek biography of the great George Steinbrenner that will leave any non-Yankee fan in stitches.  The message board conversations that took place during the 2004 Championships and World Series were also rather entertaining.  The conversations themselves were funny, but the side comments by the authors made them hilarious.

            Now, I am not a Yankee hater.  I watch all baseball, no matter who is playing.  I am a Mets fan since birth, but I don’t hate the Yankees.  However, I do have issues with over-the-top arrogant/obnoxious Yankee fans.  Thus, this book was just right for me.  It may not help me deal with the Yankee fan I live with, but it was sure fun to read!  So, if you have issues with the New York Yankees, or just Yankee fans in general, check out How to Talk to a Yankee Fan – even if it doesn’t help you settle your differences, at least you’ll get a chuckle of to out of it.


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