You Burst Into Fire Again

Artist: D.I.N.

Produced by: DinArts

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            D.I.N. stands for Drug Identification Number, and is the stage name of musician / artist Dean Jalonen.  His band, formerly The Soles, is now bearing the same name.  Hailing from Toronto, Canada, DIN has been around for over a decade, playing in various venues around Toronto, such as The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, The Elmocombo, The Reverb and Free Times Cafť.  DINís music had always contained strong messages about the world we live in.

            In D.I.N.ís new album, You Burst Into Fire Again, the lyrics focus more on internal issues such as depression, anxiety and pain.  A great deal of Dean Jalonenís songs on this album are inspired by events in his own life, the things he has learned from them and the knowledge he wants to share with his listeners.  D.I.N.ís hope is to reach new listeners Ė a younger audience Ė who can relate to the issues discussed on this album.  The new album features a more finalized version of the band D.I.N. Ė Nadjiwan on lead guitar, Paul T on the box and Dave Buland on bass.

            I was fortunate enough to receive a promotional CD for the album featuring the songs Sky (In the Name of You), Coals (Electro-Acoustic Mix) and two versions of Hey Old Man.  Being a fan of Nadjiwan, I was not surprised to find that the music featured on this album would be incredibly enjoyable, but not knowing D.I.N., I wondered what to expect as far as vocals and lyrics were concerned.  The songs on the CD are done in an acoustic style.  D.I.N.ís voice is actually rather haunting, particularly when dealing with the topic of depression in Coals.  My favorite song on this promo CD is Hey Old Man (The Turtle-Neck Mix), specifically for the poignant lyrics which tell the story of a young man seeking approval from that of an older man.  The older man, possibly a father, can only seem to see the negative things about the younger manís life.

            The promotional CD for You Burst Into the Fire Again has me extremely interested in the final product.  I canít wait to hear this album once itís complete.  From what Iíve already heard, You Burst Into the Fire Again promises to be an album with a strong message about life.

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