Mystery / Suspense

A Cat Called Hope

Written by: Oliver Clarke

Published By: Bastion Books

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                When I read the description of A Cat Called Hope, I remember laughing - a twenty-some-odd page thriller written in the cat's point of view.  Well, it sounded like something I would, not saying that Natasia doesn't write her own articles, definitely not saying that.  But I digress - seeing that description, I knew I just had to check this book out.

                The story starts off with Marx - not his real name, but that's what the humans who lived with him called him - living an enjoyable life in a nice house with two women.  He had dubbed these humans Sleeping and Walking.  Sleeping stayed home and didn't get around much, spending most of the day in bed.  Meanwhile, Walking was always on the go.  Marx enjoyed the atmosphere in the home and soaked up as much attention as his humans would give him.

                But Marx's easy-going lifestyle is about to change.  A tragic event is about to take place that will cause Marx to leave his safe place and venture out into the world, a world with interesting sights and sounds, but not exactly a safe place to live in.  Along the way, Marx meets a family in desperate need of a protector.  But is Marx capable of protecting them from the monster in their home?

                I absolutely loved this book!  The author is so good at writing this in a cat's point of view that you are likely to forget this is written by a human.   It's not every day that you get to see the world through the eyes of the cat.  I mean, there are books and blogs out there written in the cat's point of view, but they are mostly humorous in nature.  A Cat Called Hope is a very serious tale and our main character finds himself in quite a few dangerous situations along the way.  The book may be short, but it's just long enough to be edge of your seat suspenseful. 

                A Cat Called Hope is apparently the first book in a three part series - you could tell that there was more to this story when you reached the final page.  Honestly, I am actually surprised that I enjoyed this book so much and want to check out the rest, just to discover what else is in store for Marx.


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