Act of Valor

Composed By: Nathan Furst

Distributed by: Relativity Music Group, LLC

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Inspired by true events, the action drama Act of Valor stars active duty Navy SEALs in a story of global terrorism.  The SEALs unit is assigned to rescue a CIA operative who has been kidnapped in Costa Rica and uncover a terrorist plot against the United States.  The team finds itself on a worldwide manhunt to stop the terrorists coordinated attack that could end the lives of thousands of Americans.

            The musical score of Act of Valor was created by American composer Nathan Furst.  Born to actor/writer/director Stephen and actress Lorraine, Nathan Furst began writing music at a young age, teaching himself how to play piano, among other instruments.  After attending Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Furst decided to pass up a college degree in favor of beginning a career in composing for film and television.  He became the youngest composer to receive an Annie Award nomination for Best Original Score for the television series Max Steele in 2001 and was the youngest composer to receive a DVDX Award nomination for Best Original Score for Bionicle: Mask of Light in 2003.  Since then he has created a number of musical scores for documentaries like Dust to Glory and Navy SWCC and television movies like Magma: Volcanic Disaster, Lake Placid 2, Point of Entry and more.

            Being an action film, it was no surprise to me that the score of Act of Valor would contain orchestral music played at an adrenaline-pumping pace.  Moments in which the SEAL team are working in stealth are represented by exotic woodwinds and muted orchestral tones.  Electric guitar riffs and electronic sounds mark particularly rough extractions and moments of intense action.  But perhaps the most striking moment on the entire album comes in Engle's Legacy in which we hear the mournful sounds of Taps being played and instantly know, without ever having seen the movie, that the SEALs have lost one of their own.

            I actually have seen quite a bit of this movie and have to say that the score was incredibly well-suited for the film.  Nathan Furst created an intense action film score that perfectly enhanced each scene in the film.  Having experienced the score along with the visuals of the film and separately as a stand alone album, I have to say that Nathan Furst is one of those up and coming composers worth keeping an eye on.  The Act of Valor Score is definitely an album worth taking a listen to.


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