After the World Ended

Composed By: Nikolas Labrinakos

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The post-apocalyptic film, After the World Ended, takes place in an alternate future timeline of Earth.  The film focuses on the interlocking stories of three characters: an astronaut who crashes in an empty field, a young woman searching for her family in a formerly thriving metropolis now reduced to wastelands and a prisoner awaiting training for a mission to Mars that he may never return from.

                The musical score of After the World Ended was created by Nikolas Labrinakos, a London-based composer hailed by Newsweek as a “Greek Mozart.”  Originally graduating with a degree in mathematics, Labrinakos studied composition with Susan Bradshaw and received a PhD in composition at the University of Surrey.  Composing credits include the National Geographic documentary Mkomazi: Return of the Rhino, Astromyths and the short film King John Act IV Scene I.

                The After the World Ended Soundtrack begins with orchestral themes.  As I listened to the soundtrack I had the distinct impression that we were being introduced to each of the main characters in the opening tracks.  What begins as mainly orchestral takes a turn in later tracks as more electronic sound and electronic manipulation is added.  High pitched bell-like sounds seem to depict an expression of innocence, perhaps speaking to the young woman searching for her family.  The Toy features more of these bell-like sounds, cementing this expression.  Illusions and The Dream feature a great deal of distortion, reverb and electronic sound.  The Dream, in particular, is rather disconcertingly haunting, making me wonder if this dream sequence recounts an Earth lost.

                I found the score of After the World Ended perfectly represented the subject matter and the emotions of the characters in the film.  Even before reading up on the film and viewing the trailer, I was certain that this score was written for a film about a dystopian future thanks to the blend of symphonic and electronic sound, mostly somber in nature.  Nikolas Labrinakos created a musical score that makes the listener feel what the characters are experiencing, a sign of an excellent composer and one to be watched in the future.  I expect great things!


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