Music Feature

Alissa Skorik


Reviewed by Melissa Minners

               In 2014, singer, songwriter, musician and producer Marc Merilšinen introduced me to the music of a sixteen-year-old with amazing musical talent.  A Canadian with Ukranian roots, Alissa Skorik fell in love with the sound of the spirit flute at a young age.  By the age of twelve, Skorik had purchased her own flute, teaching herself how to play.  In order to introduce younger generations of music lovers to the beauty of the spirit flute, Skorik introduced modern beats and instruments to the mix, blending the sounds in a new way that speaks to music aficionados of all ages.

               Iíve been a fan since that early introduction to Alissa Skorikís work Ė her first album, Eluna.  Since then, Alissa has blossomed from an innocent-looking teen to a full-grown artistic woman and her talents have matured considerably.  I was quite happy to discover her work on Nadjiwanís Tomahawk Rock and spoke about it in my review of that album, so I was delighted when Marc Merilšinen pointed me toward some of Skorikís most recent music Ė an instrumental pop single dubbed P.O.P., also known as Points of Perspective.

               The P.O.P. single was released in November 2018 and features Skorikís spirit flute combined with an awesome dance beat.  I dare you not to want to get up and dance to this track and encourage you to take a look at the video featuring a dancer rocking out to Skorikís music.  Fans of older spirit flute music will be surprised to see what Skorik can do with an instrument she taught herself to play.  This is not the mournful tones of a traditional flautist, but someone who puts her own youthful exuberance into her performance.  The music is full of energy and light and once you hear one of her compositions, you canít help but checking out more.  I even visited her Facebook page so I could check her out performing in various mediums. 

               The music Alissa Skorik creates with her multiple array of flutes is addictive Ė you canít just listen to one track.  I canít wait to take a listen to the P.O.P. EP scheduled to be released in May 2019.  Alissa Skorik is one of those talented musicians on the rise and I, for one, canít wait to hear more. 


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