Holiday Animation

The Elf on the Shelf Presents:

An Elf's Story

Distributed By: CBS

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            For years now I've been wondering just what the Elf on the Shelf thing is all about.  Every year, tons of Elf on the Shelf-related items appear in stores and kids go crazy over them.  Well, one animated Christmas special explained the whole thing to me in a half hour.

            An Elf's Story is about a scout elf (Brendan Dooling) with a mission from Santa Claus (Doug Williams) - to inspire one young boy to believe in Santa Claus again.  As it turns out, scout elves are adopted by a human family and, once the family gives them a name, their magic is revealed.  Each night they fly off to report their findings about the naughty or nice things their adopted family have been up to.  Upon returning to their adoptive home, they land in a new place, the game being to find the elf's new hiding place.  But their human family must never touch them or they will lose their magic.

            When Santa's special scout elf arrived at the McTuttle home, he discovered that the oldest child, Taylor (Michael May), didn't believe in Santa and wanted very little to do with Christmas in general.  Yet, when it came time to pick a name, it was Taylor who decided to call the elf Chippy.  As Chippy soon discovers, his mission will be none too easy.  He tries to bring back a little of the Christmas magic for Taylor by reminding him of Christmases past, but nothing seems to work.

            Time is running out and when Taylor touches Chippy, causing him to lose his magic, how will he ever succeed in his mission to inspire Taylor to believe in Santa?

            Okay, An Elf's Story is cute for the little ones, with some interesting and colorful 3D animation and a magical stories for the littlest of kids.  Unfortunately, for adults, this animated special is a tad on the boring side.  I fell asleep watching it the first time and had to watch it again to get the whole tale.  Even then, I wasn't very impressed.  As for the whole Elf on the Shelf thing, it seems to be quite a bit of fun  for younger kids, but a whole lot of work for the adults.

            An Elf's Story is best viewed with the little ones - anyone older will see the flaws in the show and become bored rather quickly with the silly song and dance productions.


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