Anne & Alet

Composed By: Mark R. Candasamy

Distributed by: MovieScore Media/Kronos Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Anne & Alet is a theatrical documentary about two sisters, Anne and Alet Christophersdatter (Rikke Lydersen Simonsen and Anne Windsland) who poisoned several women to death in 18th Century Řyestad.  Their sentence for their crimes – beheading.

                The musical score of Anne & Alet was created by Norwegian composer Mark R. Candasamy.  A pianist and composer who has studied music composition in his home country as well as in the United States, Cadasamy has been composing music for film since 2008, working on cinematic features, documentaries, short films and theater.  Cadasamy has been nominated for the International Film Music Critics Award for his musical score for Anne & Alet.  It is easy to understand why.

                Taking place in the 18th Century, it is only fitting for the musical score of Anne & Alet to be classical in nature.  The Main Title  tips the listener off to the idea that something is not quite right in this setting.  The pace of the music describes a setting full of drama and intrigue.  The deceptive nature of these sisters is described in Anne & Alet, a theme that is light and airy, fraught with innocence of youth.  But once the The Drifter comes along, we get a sense of what the sisters are capable of.  This track is darker, less carefree in tone and the listener gets the idea that something evil is about to happen. 

                Once we get to the Trial, we observe the same notes played over and over again, perhaps denoting the intensity of the evidence and eventually culminating in the conviction, described by a punctuation in the music, followed by a pause and the termination of the track.  You just know that something is happening that can’t be good for the two sisters.  Shortly after this track is Riverbanks, featuring a beautiful classical sound with sad undertones.  The listener gets the idea that the sisters are about to say their last goodbyes to the land in which they have loved and laid waste.  The Crowd Gathers features a rise in the intensity of the music, signaling that the crowd is not exactly gathering for a joyous event.

                These are the standout moments on the Anne & Alet Soundtrack, although the entire album is highly enjoyable.  The musical score perfectly describes the events taking place in the film and also suits quite nicely as a standalone album.  Well worth taking a listen to.


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