First Impressions

APB with Troy Dunn

Aired on: TNT

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            I love watching Cold Justice on TNT in which cold cases in small towns are solved with the help of a former prosecutor and former crime scene investigator, but they moved the day and time on me.  They also placed it before a new show called APB with Troy Dunn.  Apparently on this new TNT reality show, Troy Dunn dramatically helps people find other people missing from their lives.  It sounded corny to me, but I checked it out anyway in the interest of our readers.

            For those who donít know who he is, Troy Dunn is a master at finding people.  Coming from a family that has moved multiple times and has three generations of adoption, Troyís first case took place when he was only twenty-two, locating his motherís mother.  Since then, he built his locator business over the years.  From a small start in a back bedroom of a friendís house, Troy Dunn developed his company for fourteen years before it was acquired by the hugely successful  In 2008, he starred on The Locator on WE TV, doing the very same thing he has always done, reuniting people. 

            On APB with Troy Dunn, heís back doing what he does best, reuniting people with lost loved ones all over the nation.  In the premiere episode, Troy takes on two cases.  In one case, Troy is called upon by a brother and sister to find their older brother given up for adoption by their parents at a very young age.  In the second case, a young woman asks Troy to find the man who killed her father when she was only six years old because she wants to forgive him. 

            Troy assembles a team of researchers to look for the individuals while he meets with family members on both cases, supposedly to ascertain whether or not taking these cases on will cause problems within the families.  To me, it was all bogus - of course he was going to take these cases on, whether other family members want him to or not.  After all, when people are not in agreement with finding the lost individuals, it makes for better drama, doesnít it?

            To me, it all seemed a bit contrived.  Even the tear-jerker meeting between the long lost son and his real parents who gave him up when they were just fifteen years old.  Something just didnít seem real about the reunion, despite all of the tears shed.  And the ending of the other case?  Really?  Somehow I just found it to be a bit unbelievable.  Could it be that the person was found and didnít want to be, so Troy contrived an ending that would be the most dramatic for television?  Or maybe the guy wasnít found, so Troy told the young woman that story to give her closure. 

            All I can say was that I really couldnít believe in APB with Troy Dunn and really couldnít be bothered watching this show.  Iíll continue to watch Cold Justice, but come 9PM EST on Fridays, Iíll be changing the channel.


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