Musical Score By: John Murphy

Distributed by: La-La Land Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In Armored, former Marine Ty Hackett (Columbus Short) works for the Eagle Shield armored company to support his younger brother (Andre Kinney).  When the bank threatens to foreclose on their home, Ty realizes he will need more than just his job at the armored car company to make ends meet.  Enter Mike Cochrane (Matt Dillon), a co-worker and godfather of the Hackett boys, who offers to let Ty in on a plan to steal money being transferred from the Federal Reserve.  Reluctant to get involved in the heist but forced to sign up to protect his brother’s future, Ty soon realizes that he should have listened to his first instincts and stayed away.

            The musical score of Armored was created by British film composer John Murphy.  A self-taught multi-instrument musician, John began his musical career in 1980, working with such notable European musicians as The Lotus Eaters and Claudia Brücken.  He began composing music for film in the 1990s, working on the musical scores for films like Lock, Stock and Barrels and Snatch.  He later moved to Los Angeles and has since composed musical scores for such high profile films as 28 Days Later, Miami Vice, Sunshine, 28 Weeks Later and The Last House on the Left.  The incredibly diverse musical composition of John Murphy has also landed him some commercial gigs,  composing and producing music for such well-known companies as Nike, Reebok and Apple.

            The music of Armored is exciting and adrenaline-pumping.  I was immediately reminded of the Tomb Raider Soundtrack as the music in every track fairly screamed action.  The first track, Morning, is somewhat of a mix of dance and rock with a new age flair.  This is followed by tracks heavily laden with rocking guitar riffs and slamming percussions.  Of the seventeen tracks, there are only a couple calm and quiet tracks.  Perhaps this stems from Director Nimrod Antal’s insistence that each segment of music must be louder and bigger than the last.  John Murphy certainly delivers.

            The Armored Soundtrack caught my attention from the very first track and kept it all the way through the album.  I loved the loud guitar riffs and the incredible beats.  This is one soundtrack you won’t want to listen to while driving - you’re too apt to want to speed to match the adrenaline rush the musical score provides.  With the Armored Soundtrack, John Murphy has created the perfect musical score for an action film and a perfect stand alone album that anyone can enjoy.


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