Arrow: Season 1

Musical Score By: Blake Neely

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the CW television series based on the DC Comics hero, Arrow, Stephen Amell is Oliver Queen, billionaire playboy by day, vigilante crime fighter Green Arrow by night.  As the series opens, we learn that Oliver Queen is the sole survivor of a shipwreck, found living on an isolated island for the last five years.  The death of his father (Jamie Sheridan) has hit him hard, but before his death, Oliver swore to complete his father's quest to right the wrongs of Starling City and he plans on keeping that promise as the hooded vigilante whose weapon of preference is a bow and arrow.  Premiering in 2012, Arrow will begin its fourth season in October 2015.

                The score of Arrow was created by American composer Blake Neely, who began his composing career playing with the family piano at the age of four and composing his own songs for the piano once he started taking lessons.  Eventually, Neely learned other instruments as well.  Neely would go on to become an arranger, orchestrator and conductor, but it would be his score for the television series Everwood that would launch his career as a composer.  Since receiving an Emmy nomination for the Everwood theme, Neely has created musical scores for such series as The Mentalist, Eli Stone, Brothers & Sisters and Flash.

                Having watched the first season of Arrow, I was excited to hear the music apart from the visuals.  I knew that the music had a great influence on the emotion and adrenaline flow of each scene and I was curious to hear the score without visual distraction.  Blake Neely's score for Arrow: Season 1 features a mix of orchestral, electric and electronic sound.  Quieter moments in the score speak to Ollie's sense of loss, his love for his family, flashbacks concerning his father's last moments and his father's final request.   Heavy percussion and louder electric and electronic sound offer up that adrenaline push, speaking to the action of each scene and Ollie's determination to bring the bad guys to justice.

                Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is a multi-faceted character and his theme must also be multi-faceted.  Blake Neely creates a score that perfectly represents the character and his complexity, the mysterious missing moments of the last five years as they are revealed, his sense of loss, his quest for justice, his loss of trust and trust reborn and above all his determination and sense of purpose.  The Arrow: Season 1 Soundtrack is quite the interesting listen featuring a score well suited to the storyline of the television series that is equally good as a stand alone album.


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