Arrow: Season 4

Musical Score By: Blake Neely

Distributed by: La-La Land Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on characters from the DC Comics series, the television series, Arrow, stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, AKA: Green Arrow.  A billionaire playboy returned to Starling City after a five-year absence in which he was presumed dead, Oliver assumes the role as Arrow by night to root out the evil in his city and carry out a dying request from his father.  In season four of this series, Oliver begins a mayoral run in the recently renamed Star City.  Behind the scenes, he and his allies fight against a terrorist organization known as H.I.V.E.  The season features a number of shocking reveals and equally shocking losses.

                The musical score of Arrow was created by award-winning American composer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator and musician Blake Neely who began his career at a very young age.   Learning the piano at the age of four, Neely soon began composing songs.  He would eventually learn to play a number of instruments, including the synthesizer, drums and the French Horn.  While in college, he secured an internship with Disney Studios, leading to a job with Disney Hollywood Records.  In 2002, Neely got his big break composing the musical score for the television series, Everwood.  Since then, he has created musical score for a number of television series and films, including Resurrection, The Mentalist, Brothers and Sisters, Life as We Know It, Pan Am, The Pacific, The Flash, Blindspot, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and more.

                Though this latest season contains quite a bit of action, there are a great deal of dramatic moments as well.  Tracks full of action feature an acidic sound and heavy percussion.  The softer tracks are plentiful and actually quite beautiful at times.  My favorite is Let Each Other Go, featuring dramatic guitar and piano pieces backed by strings.  There are some exotic tones to be found in tracks like Resurrected and Infected and Fearsome Five which feature some exotic woodwinds and chorus.  Facing Anarky contains some really spooky sounding whispering in the backgrounds.

                All-in-all, the Arrow Season 4 Soundtrack is somewhat softer than past soundtracks.  That being said, the Arrow theme is still there with those violin strokes that signify grim determination in the face of danger and destruction.  Blake Neely continues to add that perfect dramatic touch to this television series, expressing raw emotion through music while still pumping up the adrenaline for the action sequences.  A must listen for any fan of the series!


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