Original Poem by Sarah Auerbach aka Blackrose


I want to be a writer.

So why do I get writer’s block?

And with all these claiming artists…

Why do I cease to be inspired? 

We can’t rely on the physical,

We must take it past the literal.

Read between the lines to redefine lives.

Redefine the minds of the masses





Media is clutch, the rails of the train.

Artists are the drivers so conspired to inspire.

Like Lauren says—music should make us higher.

Take us places we’ve never been.

Show us things we’ve never seen.

In scenes so tight they coerce us to dream

Of realms and passion unknown






Art is the backbone.

The truth in life.

It is the voice of trillions

And the vice of  millions more.

The focus of troops

We artists are soldiers.

Messengers of honesty.

Creativity is clarity.

We seek to expose souls

To the World so the World

will understand.



There is still dignity and goodness stretched across the land.

There is still stregnth and unity laced in all our hands.



                      And Can You Tell Me?

                      What this artist should be?



Should it be conformed to a general norm?

So that teachers and preachers and all minds will agree…

     on the moral, the lesson and point of significance.

Or should it dance with emotion and tango with time?

Testing the boundries of freedom of speech

Igniting the press. 


And about the artist? 

How should we see?

Through eyes of greed,

Focused on the profit in this?

Or if willing to starve,

To keep the material real, we,

Stay true to the messages

We were born to spread.

Stay conspired to ispire.

Write, Rise and Bring Fire…

To the masses…

To the people…

Who all need to hear-

The truth is the beat of life

With words layed over,

Pouring out from the soul. 



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