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Written by: Nora Weston

Published by: Publish America

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano


     @hell, by Nora Weston, is a supernatural thriller, following Jake Cottrell in his battle against the forces of evil.  Jake is your average thrill seeker with a bad attitude.  He has few friends, a borderline drinking problem, a verbally abusive father, little or no morals, a pension for motorcycle racing and a weakness for dares—he can’t turn one down. 

     His life is exactly where he wants it to be, going nowhere and fast, until one day at a race, he gets struck with a sudden case of a conscience.  During the race, he sees an accident waiting to happen and literally throws himself into harms way to protect an opponent, causing an injury that leaves him hospitalized for several days.  When he is strong enough he goes back to life as usual, only then meets up with an old friend and rival, Davis Travers, a wealthy doctor with even less morals that Jake. 

     Davis invites Jake to his home and introduces him to his gorgeous fiancé Angie, whom Jake had once had a crush on in high school.  Davis also introduces him to a perverted website that leaves Jake wanting more.  Soon Jake begins getting emails from, asking him if he wants to play, which of course he does.  And soon after that, he meets Rachel, a seductive vixen with a body to die for.  Of course, Jake jumps at the opportunity.

     Little does he realize that Rachel is actually a demon, and Davis is her accomplice, sent by Lucifer to gather souls.  When his friends disappear and his father ends up dead, Jake begins to realize just what he’s dealing with and what’s at sake.  He makes a vow to pay Davis back at any cost, so he goes after Angie, hoping to steal Davis’ prize possession away. 

     Things don’t go exactly as planned and Jake finds himself on the run with Angie at his side, from three demons bent on seeing his soul burn in hell for all eternity.  But he’s not alone; God has sent Micah, a disgruntled angel, down to help Jake and to show him that humans are worth saving.  But even with Micah’s help, the combined strength of three of Lucifer’s might be too much for Jake and Angie to handle.  Can they survive while keeping their souls in tact?

     @hell, is one of those stories where you don’t realize exactly how bad it is until you have to do a review about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think the story was brilliant to begin with, but when forced to explain the loosely strung together plot in a way that would make sense to you, the reader, I found myself wondering what Nora Weston was thinking.

     For one thing, the accident in the beginning had no discernible purpose, even though it was later written that Micah had marked Jake with angel fire, which may or may not have caused the accident—they didn’t really say.   For another thing, it took Jake so long to figure out what was happening with Davis, that there was something wrong with him, but when he did figure it out, he figured it all out way too easily.  And Jake’s plan to steal Angie away from Davis to get even for killing his dad…yeah, that’s how you hurt a demon—take away his woman. 

     All in all, @hell was not a horrible read, but it was far from a great one either.  I might have been able to overlook the poorly strung together plot, if the dialogue wasn’t so bad.  Almost every character breaks out into random and pointless soliloquies about how they’re going to exact revenge on whomever.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone save those who have an abundance of time and no decent books to read. 

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