Attack on Titan: Volume 1: Episode 1

To You, 2000 Years from Now

Written and Illustrated By: Hajime Isayama

Published By: Kodansha Comics

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                I am loving Barnes & Noble iconand their salute to pop culture which has afforded me a bunch of free sneak peeks at various pop culture media, including novels, comic books and manga.  On the manga front, I received the first episode of Attack on Titan.  The cover was rather interesting, but would the story be interesting enough?

                As the manga opens, we witness the massacre of a Survey Corps who has ventured out of the wall enclosed city of Shinganshina at the hands of a vaguely seen monster.  We are then introduced to Eren Yeager and his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, two young kids with differing opinions of the situation they are in.  Eren wants to become a member of the Survey Corps, taking the fight to their enemies.  But historically, members of the survey team usually don’t return…or if they do, they return in pieces.  Mikasa wonders if it wouldn’t be wiser to stay within the walled city which hasn’t been attacked in a hundred years.

                Many of the citizens of Shinganshina feel the same way, believing they are safe behind the wall, but Eren’s physician father appears to be proud of his son’s decision.  He promises to show his son a secret he has in the basement after he returns from checking on two patients.  Unfortunately, the city is attacked before he can return, the wall is breached and we get our first look at the huge and terrifying creatures that have torn apart the latest Survey Team to venture outside of the wall…Titans.

                I went through this manga quickly, intrigued by the storyline.  Too bad I only received the first episode of the first volume.  It all went so fast and I wanted to see more.  To You, 2000 Years from Now was an excellent way to reel in manga readers, offering up just enough of a taste of the horrors behind the wall to make you want to know more.       

                So, to sum things up, I found the artwork and storyline of Attack on Titan: Volume 1: Episode 1 to be excellent.  I loved the mystery surrounding the enemy that forces Eren, Mikasa and the other citizens of Shinganshina to live behind wall enclosures, never knowing what freedom truly is.  I also loved the way the author offered up commentary on the complacency that often follows decades after a disaster.  Attack on Titan is definitely one manga I would like to see through to the end.


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