The Bad Batch

Song By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records and Mondo

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the dystopian fairytale, The Bad Batch, a young girl named Arlen (Suki Waterhouse) is doomed to wander through the desert in property outside the United States in which the laws of America no longer apply.  It is here that she is captured by a community of cannibals.  Somehow managing to escape, she later befriends one of her former captors, Miami Man (Jason Momoa).  Can the two find a way to survive in this lawless, savage land?

                The Bad Batch Soundtrack features music by various artists, including Black Light Smoke, Culture Club, Darkside, Chilled By Nature, Federale, White Lies, Francis Harris, Ace of Base and members of the cast of The Bad Batch.  According to the music supervisor, Andrea von Foerster, “Lily Amirpour [writer and director of The Bad Batch] has a cinematic vision that begins and ends with music.  Going on the journey with her to facilitate that vision was awesome. She knows what she wants but is simultaneously open to new ideas. Exploring electronic tracks from sometimes lesser-known artists to flesh out our dystopian world while hunting for the perfect 80’s and 90’s pop songs to play under amputations made for very amusing phone calls to publishers and labels. It’s impossible to not feel our collective love of music in this film.”

                The album features a mix of songs, instrumentals and dialogue by Keanu Reaves.  The music is a mix of electronic, dance, pop and rock, but the real surprises for me were Karma Chameleon and All That She Wants.  These are two older pop songs that I would never expect to hear in a film set in a dystopian future.  The mix of the songs is excellent, showcasing each genre separately.  I rather enjoyed the music found on The Bad Batch Soundtrack – no two songs were alike and there was nothing slow-paced or boring about this soundtrack.  The Bad Batch Soundtrack is definitely a fun ride.


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