Bad Cat

Author: Jim Edgar

Published By: Workman Publishing

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Have you ever seen those pet-a-day calendars?  Each day has a photo of a different animal posing for the camera.  Most of these calendars have a section with information about how you, the pet owner, can get your pet’s photo in next year’s calendar.  Ever wonder where all of the pictures that were submitted but never used end up?  Well, I may have just found an answer for you.

            Bad Cat, by Jim Edgar, uses photos of cats submitted for Workman Publishing’s Page-A-Day Calendars in quite an amusing way.  In the book’s introduction, Jim Edgar reminds us that our cats actually own us and his book is a way of informing us just what cats are thinking about as they pose for their photos.  The 244 cat photos used in this book range from the funny-looking to the downright bizarre.  There are photos of cats dressed up in outfits, wet from baths, in various strange positions, etc.  Each page contains a quote depicting what kitty was thinking as the photo was snapped and a brief profile of the cat, containing a name, age and hobby.  As the cover states, these are bad cats and their hobbies and statements reflect just how bad they are.   There’s Chuck, the Beach Boy album collector, pictured behind the wheel of a car wondering how fast she’ll go once the light turns green.  How about Lance and his window blind installation mishap?  Check out the taxidermy loving Dominick…and just where has Grandma gone anyway? 

            Each page in this book is downright hysterical.  Jim Edgar is a master at creating witty captions.  The photos are funny enough, but with the addition of Edgar’s captions, they elicit that much more laughter.  Bad Cat is obviously a quick read, consisting mostly of pictures and captions, but it can be appreciated by cat-lovers and lovers of humor alike.  At $9.95 (U.S.), the price of Bad Cat is rather steep, but its comedic value may be enough for you to justify the price to your wallet. 

            According to Jim Edgar’s website,, a sequel book is in the making.  I can’t wait to see what else Edgar has in store for us. 


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