Bad Milo!

Composed By: Ted Masur

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                When Duncan (Ken Marino) begins experiencing debilitating stomach pains, he just chalks it off to his stressful life.  After all, Duncan works in go nowhere office job for an idiot of a boss.  His parents are pressuring him and his wife (Jillian Jacobs) to have kids.  His coworkers are dolts who can't seem to get anything right.  But when the pain becomes worse, he begins to worry, especially when it manifests itself into a creature that Duncan names Milo.  Sure, Milo is a bit freaky looking, but he wouldn't be so bad...if Duncan could find a way to stop Milo from attacking everyone who ever causes Duncan any kind of stress. 

                The Bad Milo! score was created by Ted Masur, a composer who always knew he wanted to work in music.  After studying piano, flute and singing in a choir, Masur became involved in film scoring and has contributed to a number of short and feature films over the years.  In addition to Bad Milo!, Ted Masur has created musical scores for two other feature length films - Rounding Home and The Best and the Brightest.

                The musical score of Bad Milo! begins with what I like to call the comedy waltz - one two three, one two, one two three, one two.  This is the sound of Duncan and his mundane existence and a sound soundtrack aficionados will identify as a theme in many a comedy film.  But, being a comedy horror, we know that this goofy style won't last long.  In comes Milo and his electric guitar intro featuring violin scratching to announce his terrifyingness.  Strange sounds are introduced on tracks like Milo Returns and Evil Phil and I note some strange musical notes, possibly indicating the use of unusual instruments or manipulation of ordinary instruments' sounds.

                Though an admittedly absurd concept for a movie, Ted Masur has created a musical score that is actually an enjoyable listen.  It appears to be a perfect score to enhance the visuals of the film and is actually enjoyable as a stand alone album.  So, if you have no plans to see Bad Milo!, at least check out the Bad Milo! Soundtrack by Ted Masur.  Surprisingly, it's worth the listen.  


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