Badseed's Bottomline #324

It's Time For a Trade

By Badseed

Hey yo!  This is Badseed quickly apologizing for last weekís column when I spoiled the draft lottery pick for Smackdown and the announcement of a special title match.  I didnít mean to spoil you without telling you all first, so without further ado, I am going to spoil you again.  The major announcements of two draft picks on Smackdown must be discussed and since I want my column out in a timely manner and this is the only day I can type, I must get it all off my chest.  Letís get to the bottomline

Vengeance was hot.  The PPV was amazing.  I expected it to be good, but for the first time, I enjoyed every minute of the PPV with the exception of the Viscera segment that had a few good chuckles, but left me dissatisfied.  Carlito beat Shelton in what was an amazing match for both men.  Finally, Carlito got his due, but I am starting to feel bad for Shelton.  I donít know what creative will do for him now that he does not have the IC title around his waist.  Shelton could do a lot in a feud with Kurt Angle, John Cena, RVD, HBK, Edge, Chris Jericho, HHH and Carlito, but I have this horrible feeling that he will get lost in the shuffle.  A trade to Smackdown may actually suit him well now that he is a star and can truly help lead the struggling brand back to the top.  He may be the missing puzzle there.  Carlito is not being treated like a lower mid-level star.  They are using him wisely.  I know eventually that he will feud with Jericho over whose show is the best and the way Carlito is going, it wonít be long before he is the good guy.  This is one star on the rise that will finally get a chance to shine on his own. 

Victoria won and for that I am glad, but I must say that Christy Hemme may make a good wrestler one day.  I mean they worked a miracle with Trish Stratus who is now one of the top women wrestlers ever in the WWE for some time, so why not expect Hemme to be molded into a great wrestler herself.  I think if done right, the Diva Search could produce some great talent.  Amy Weber would have been great.  Maria makes me laugh in her stupid role.  A couple of the girls in the competition really show some promise, especially the final heel who used Ric Flairís line showing she does follow the sport to some degree.  I hope she wins.  They could do something with her.  Now, if the WWE can sign a couple real women wrestlers to even out the mix, things would be ok.  They can have T&A and still wrestle, so find those types of women and make some money.  

Kane vs. Edge was actually enjoyable.  There was a part of me that hoped Matt Hardy would show up and trick us all, but it didnít happen.  A part of me is happy with that since I didnít want it to be a work.  It would have been cool on one hand, but Hardyís reputation would have been tarnished in the process.  Back to the match, Kane was allowed to finally get a big victory.  He deserved one.  He has looked bad as of late and was in major need of a PPV win.  Hopefully, this sets him back on the right path and into the main event scene, even briefly.  I am one person who feels that Kane has done so much for the company and deserves one more world title reign somewhere down the line.  They just need to build him up again rather than tear him down.  Should it be at Edgeís expense; I donít know.  In truth, Edge can lose many matches, because he still has the money in the bank contract that will automatically set him up in the title hunt, but a feud with John Cena could be hot and Edge needs to be at his strongest to make it work.  Right now, they should concentrate on building both Kane and Edge in separate programs.  End this feud now.  That doesnít seem to be the case after watching Raw

Cena proved himself in his match with Jericho and Christian.  Was it me or did the Triple Threat match remind you a lot of an ECW three-way dance in how they incorporated some of the moves.  Maybe the WWE is learning.  Still, I enjoyed this match a lot.  It was well-paced and everyone got to shine here.  John Cena proved he could hang with real wrestlers, although I felt he proved that long ago when he fought Kurt Angle in his debut match and beat Chris Jericho in his first PPV, but critics seem to forget as much as WWE Creative seems to.  I loved the finish of this match and the fan interaction is fantastic.  The fans love chanting, ďYou canít see meĒ and he doesnít even have to say anything to get them to do so.  Cena is the man.  It was a smart move to bring him to Raw.  He has put much life into this program. 

HBK vs. Kurt Angle may have been a better match than Wrestlemania, but my only problem here was that it was obvious that HBK was going to win.  It is a smart decision to make us want a third match between the two and then have us wait even longer for it to happen to make that match much more special, but it took away from the ending.  I knew HBK was going to win, but the duo did a great job making me believe that anything was possible.  I just loved this match.  Wrestlers need to watch this match, because it demonstrates how to tell a story in the ring and how not to use so many high spots to get the match going.  They did many basic things that got over with the crowd, because we could feel the emotion coming from both wrestlers.  I canít wait til I see match three, but it looks like they are going to hold off for some time before these two square off again.  Kurt Angle looks to be entering a feud with either Ric Flair or HHH.  Maybe HBK will get involved.  More on that later. 

I love seeing the GodfatherViscera was off tonight.  Not that funny, but the Godfather and his hoes are always a special treat.  Still, this angle belonged on Raw, not a PPV. 

Hell in the Cell was better than I thought it was.  There was lots of blood, but lots of emotion; use of weapons, but lots of physical brutality as well.  They used the cage effectively, but they didnít need to go crazy with it.  This may have been one of the best Hell in the Cell matches in some time.  It proved that HHH could do the job in a high profile contest, it proved that Batista can go the distance and it proved that three matches in a row at a ppv can still be exciting if done right.  I enjoyed this feud even though others did not enjoy what they felt was repetitive.  I think it adds to the length of a title reign to have three quality matches with the same opponent, as other contenders are built up.  Now, it is time for fresh new storylines, but what a great way to end an old one. 

Raw was a great way to shake things up a bit.  Big Show is now back on Raw.  He really wonít do much there as a face, but as a heel, I can see him in a serious feud with John Cena over the WWE title.  I guess Big Show could also feud with Kane, HHH, Edge and Jericho at some point, but he seems mismatched against them.  Having destroyed Snitsky so quickly, there is little hope for a serious feud between these two.  Only time will tell where the Big Show goes, but we may discover that his draft was the biggest mistake of all. 

Then again, RVDís may be just as big a mistake.  He was better served on Smackdown.  He could have done more over there and become a star using his new gimmick where he actually talks.  Instead, he is on a program that already boasts John Cena and HBK as its biggest face stars.  If HHH or Angle were to turn face, RVD gets moved further down the ladder.  With Cena as WWE champion, it looks like RVD will be fighting for the IC title again, which he has won before.  However, I do like his interaction with Carlito.  I think the two will put together a good series of matches.  If Shelton stays on Raw, I think RVD vs. Shelton could prove to be one of the best matches ever fought on Raw.  So, while I think RVD is better on Smackdown, I am looking forward to seeing what they could do with the new and improved Mr. Monday Night

Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair is an awesome match on paper.  The two seem to be a perfect match for each other in the ring and with both using the Whooooo gimmick made famous by Flair, it was only a matter of time before they hooked up, but could there be a beginning of a new era for Evolution.  When Flair lost to HHH, he soon joined him.  Now that HHH has lost three matches in a row, maybe it took a loss to Angle, in a highly entertaining, unique match, to realize Kurt Angle may be the star he needs to guide back to the title.  Could HHH come out to avenge Flair and challenge Kurt Angle only to have Flair turn on HHH and side with the ďNew Man?Ē  That would be great.  Think of Evolution returning with Kurt Angle at the helm, Flair as the senior advisor and someone like Chris Masters, who strangely would fit with Angle, as the muscle.  Add an enforcer-type character like Charlie Haas to the mix and you have a unique stable that could cause some waves.  Think of HHH being a beaten man and having to turn to his old ally HBK for help.  Think of HBK and HHH vs. Angle and Flair.  What an awesome tag-team match that would be.  There are a lot of possibilities here. 

The main event was short, but it was hot.  Hulk Hoganís entrance was spectacular.  I never get tired of him.  I had my moments when I was bored, but used in the right way, Hogan could still entertain fans and push new stars.  When he used the ďYou Canít See MeĒ gimmick, I popped big time.  Unfortunately, the camera dude didnít get a closeup like he should have.  Oh well.  Still, having Cena team with HBK and Hogan not only delighted the crowd, but it gave Cena the rub he needed to be the next big star in the WWE.  Here we have the Icon in Hulk Hogan, with the man that carried the torch between the federation days and the attitude era, followed by the future star John Cena.  Talk about three generations of great talent and each one delivered in their own way.  The ending pose was perfect and having Cena show his respect to the legends just made Cena even more in touch with the real fans, making him that much more popular.  This was a very wise move on the WWEís part.  Itís amazing to have a great PPV followed by a great Raw and the WWE delivered.  I am excited about the possibilities with Cena on top of the Raw mountain.  I canít wait to see Cena vs. HHH or Cena vs. Kurt Angle or Cena vs. Chris Jericho in a singles match or Cena vs. Edge and for some reason, I really want to see some sort of alliance between Cena, Shelton Benjamin and RVD.  For some reason, I think that would be cool. 

But speaking of cool, I think the Smackdown draft was really cool.  Moving Batista to Smackdown was a great idea.  There are already so many possibilities here.  He is obviously going to feud with JBL first, but think about Batista vs. The Undertaker or how about the continuation of the feud between Batista and Randy Orton.  And if Brock Lesnar does a good job on his knees and shows heís a team player (anyone ever see the movie Team America?  Just asking.), he may be back on Smackdown one day for the ultimate dream matchup.  I really like that idea.  Plus, they can set up for Batista vs. Matt Morgan somewhere down the line if they can get rid of this horrible stuttering gimmick they have saddled Morgan with.  There is a lot for Batista to do. 

The other pick was Christian.  This pick boggles my mind.  It made sense when Cena was on Smackdown, but it doesnít make sense with Cena on Raw.  They didnít even give us the one-on-one match I wanted between Cena and Christian; the one it appeared they had been building up to for some time.  It sucks, but I guess there are opportunities for Christian.  He could play the heel and sign up Matt Morgan as his problem solver and feud with Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Booker T or the Undertaker and lead to a no-win feud with Batista or they could be smart and make him a face.  He is over with the fans and his wise-ass attitude could make him one of the top faces on the brand that is in need of a top face.  Mysterio is ok and Benoit is gold, but Christian combines the charisma with the ring ability.  A feud with Hassan would be great.  I think these two would be evenly matched.  A great feud would be against Eddie Guerrero.  There would be a great continuation of a feud with Orton from back when Orton was glassy-eyed and unconscious a lot.  Christian would also have an awesome feud with JBL.  I could hear the insults to JBL already.  So, I guess they could do something here and freshen things up.  If only they drafted Jericho with Christian to Smackdown.  If only Edge was brought over to Smackdown, too.  There would be better matches on Smackdown and more star power on Raw and both brands would have won out, but only time will tell how things work out in the end. 

There can be more changes!  The trade deadline is until Thursday at midnight and knowing the WWE, they are going to try to tweak one more week out of this draft bonanza by making people wonder who will be traded after Smackdown and who will appear on Raw and Smackdown the next week.  Well, obviously, the draft was for the big stars, so the trades will be for the lesser known talent that would be better served with a push on a new show.  Who would I move from Raw to Smackdown.  Well, I would move Tajiri and Hurricane, because they are cruiserweights and belong on a show with cruiserweights.  The same for Simon Dean.  I would move Val Venis, because he can wrestle and the WWE doesnít have that many face stars that can talk on Smackdown so the move could do him well.  I would move Eugene, because he could be an ultimate face on Smackdown and be the friend Heidenreich needs.  Over on Smackdown, I would move Hardcore Holly cause he is tough and would be fun to watch on Raw.  I would move Haas, because he could get a serious push teaming with Shelton or feuding with him.  I would move Rene Dupree back to reunite La Resistance and turn on Rob Conway.  I would even move Mark Jindrak back over and have him reunite with Garrison Cade, because that team was stopped too prematurely.  Will they actually do trades?  I sure hope so.  The draft did little to create new stars and only a trade could achieve this. 

Well, that is all for today.  Be sure to check out my the message board at where there is a spirited conversation going on about what the title belt means these days and the role of women in wrestling.  Sign up and give us your thoughts.  Thatís all for today.  Until next time, peaceÖ

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