Badseed's Bottomline #325

What the Hell is Going on?

By Badseed

Hey yo!!!!  What is the world coming to?  Sure, the WWE promised that the draft would shakeup the WWE roster, but damn, they certainly were not kidding.  After big draft moves traded world champions and major superstars, a trade split up tag-teams and then a huge roster cut totally took many by surprise eliminating several major pieces of talent from the roster, changing the landscape of the WWE and possibly helping to bring about some competition for the company.  Letís get into it.

First, letís discuss the trades in terms of the wrestlers who were not released after being traded:

Danny Basham:  Wow!!!  This was a mistake and a half.  I mean, the Basham Brothers quit JBLís cabinet and they could have feuded with JBL and Orlando Jordan, but instead, they split the team up without giving them a shot as faces at all.  I really liked the idea of seeing MNM vs. The Bashams.  I think fans would have been treated to some great matches.  Now, what can they do with Danny Basham?  I donít think he can hang as a singles star just yet.  Maybe a team with Robert Conway could work or maybe a low-level feud between the two can help both of their careers, but right now, I am very skeptical.  We will soon see.  I think Danny was the better wrestler of the two, so I am afraid for Doug.  Oh well.  The WWE made so many mistakes, so whatís new?

Chavo Guerrero:  I donít mind the trade at all.  To be honest, Chavo Guerrero has done it all as a cruiserweight.  He really couldnít do any more outside of teaming with Eddie, but that has been done and Eddie doesnít need a partner right now.  Chavo could have been a better mouthpiece for the Mexicools, but Tajiri had a pretty good run on Raw in the last year and maybe Chavo could get the same treatment.  Matches with Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, Tajiri, Eugene, Hurricane, Kurt Angle, Danny Basham, Robert Conway, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, HBK, Edge and even John Cena really could work out.  Chavo can wrestle multiple styles and he can make talent.  However, they ruined it.  They saddled him with a preppy gimmick and a ridiculous name.  What the hell can they do with Kerwin White as his name?  Please let Carlito put this guy in his place and tell him his name is not cool, leading to a feud between the two that brings Chavo back. 

Rene Dupree:  Yo, this guy looks ridiculous.  I just have to laugh looking at him, but he has some talent.  He can wrestle and I think he has a future in the business.  I would like to see a feud with Robert Conway to officially split up the lines of La Resistance.  That would be good.  A feud with Val Venis seems to be in the works and that is cool, too, but what can Dupree do on Raw?  This is a guy who is going to have to bide his time and wait for his big break.  Tag-teams are probably the only way for him to go. 

Candice: Who cares?  Just twirl around and look pretty. 

Simon Dean:  Yes!!! Smart move.  Get this guy over to a brand where he can actually do something.  They even called him Nova yesterday on Smackdown and I was so happy to hear that.  Nova can accomplish so much in the cruiserweight division if he is allowed to wrestle in the style he showcased in ECW.  Reuniting with the BWO will instantly give him the spotlight on Smackdown and get the fans behind him so that when he goes off on his own, people will actually care.  This change was probably one of the better moves made in the trade. 

Steven Richards:  Also a great move.  See, Richards can wrestle against anyone on this brand and he can finally have his voice heard as Stevie Cool, the leader of the BWO.  He has a better look and a brand new start.  Richards was given a chance to shine once more and the BWO will take the ball and run with it.  Not sure how long the BWO angle can run, but if Richards can back the fun and games with great moves in the ring, he will finally get the recognition he hasnít seen since he made the RTC gimmick work years ago.  I am so proud of this guy.  He is one of the most humble and respectful wrestlers in this business.  He made mistakes in the past and has made amends for them.  I wish him the best of luck.  Make this thing work. 

Sylvain Grenier:  This is the perfect place for him to hone his singles skills.  Not sure what they can do with him, but because there are not many egos on this brand, there is a possibility we could see some great matches with Benoit, Christian or Eddie Guerrero.  I am taking a wait and see approach on this move.  I hope we develop a star from this switch. 

William Regal:  I like this trade for one reason and that is Regalís teaching ability.  He can help mold a younger generation.  The combination of Undertaker and Regal can help make some of the younger talent develop their skills.  I hope they pair Regal up with someone, because when they do that, itís usually gold.  Regal was one of the best pickups ever made by the WWE.  He does the small things that matter.  His facial expressions and mic skills are an asset to Smackdown.  I canít wait until he calls Hassan sunshine.  

Now, on to the releases:

Jim Cornette:  It is sad to see Cornette go, but the dude flipped his wig and smacked a young wrestler.  That is not cool.  Still, Cornette is great on the mic and maybe the WWE could give him another chance to act as a mouthpiece for some of their green talent like Heidenreich or Snitsky or the Heart Throbs.  Maybe the pressure of running a developmental system got to him, but donít discount the talent Cornette possesses.  Give him time and bring him back. 

Joy Giovanni:  Damn!!  That hurts.  She is hot.  She could have been the next big Smackdown Diva if they played things right.  I mean, as a Diva from last yearís search, she was certainly not making much money, so why did they cut her.  You mean to tell me they cut her because they couldnít do anything with her.  Then cut Torrie Wilson, too.  The WWE hasnít done anything with her since Playboy.  Damn!!

Kenzo Suzuki:  Thank god.  It sucks cause they also got rid of Hiroko before I could see if she looked good, but Kenzo had no business in the wrestling ring.  He just didnít have the stuff.  However, I will always miss the dreaded neck massage move he would unleash on his opponents.  It was worse than the claw.  Good move getting rid of this dead weight. 

Matt Morgan:  They dropped the ball here.  They gave him a horrible gimmick and then allowed him to shine when he F-5íed The Big Show.  People were talking about it like they never saw Brock Lesnar do it.  Now, the WWE is bringing back Brock and they couldnít think to bring him in to feud with Matt Morgan over who has the more devastating F-5.  Get rid of Matt Morgan after Lesnarís return, but donít let a good feud to start Lesnarís return pass you by.  Matt Morgan is young enough.  He will be back one day.  This may have been best for him.  Let him learn some other styles of wrestling to diversify his style.  It will not be the last time we heard of Matt Morgan

Charlie Haas:  NO!!  NO!!  NO!!  How the hell did you not see a feud between Haas and Benjamin in the cards?  Did the WWE not hear the reaction the fans gave when Haas and Benjamin reunited at the Royal Rumble?  Obviously, the fans wanted to see these two together again in some way.  The WWE messed up here.  They donít think.  At least give us the feud then get rid of him.  Dumb move. 

Jackie Gayda:  Sheís just eye candy.  I think she is hot, but I donít think she was worth winning Tough Enough 2.  You could get cheaper women from the Diva SearchJackie showed toughness, but little else.  She made horrible mistakes in the ring and that will never be forgotten.  Prove the fans and the WWE wrong.  Hit the indy scene and spruce up those skills.  Then come back when you are ready to wow the WWE with T&A and ring ability.  The WWE goes in cycles.  They will want women wrestlers again soon.  Right now, I am glad to see her go.  Enjoy your marriage. 

Marty Jannetty:  He did it to himself.  Still, I wish I could see the Rockers return.  They should have won the tag-team titles at least once and the WWE needs some spice in their tag-team ranks.  The Rockers return would have been what was needed.  It sucks that we will never see it occur.  Jannetty, you fíed up and I donít think there is any way to return. 

Dawn Marie:  Well, she is hot, but she is pregnant.  It sucks to see her go and it doesnít seem fair, but they didnít do anything with her and she was starting to look old.  Now, if they can paste someone elseís face on to her body, I would never want to see her leave. 

Mark Jindrak:  They messed up here.  The WWE missed the boat.  The team with Garrison Cade was good and they split it up.  They brought him back to Raw and could have reunited the team, but most importantly, they could have aligned him with Chris Masters and created a decent tag-team that would have worked better than either of their singles careers.  Why doesnít the WWE ever think about tag-teams anymore?  I think creative is just a bunch of beanheads. 

Maven:  Heís got talent, but he kept falling short.  He is young and has a good head on his shoulders.  He will be fine.  I see him back in the WWE someday soon.  He was too young to ever get a real push anyways.  Once he develops his talent, he will come back better than ever.  Sad to see him go, but I think he benefits from it most of all.  Why havenít they released Christopher Nowinski?  I donít care that he has a concussion.  He is wasting space.  Oh yeah, why havenít they gotten rid of Mark Henry either? 

Shannon Moore:  He was only good as a Mattitude Follower.  I am glad to see him go.  Letís get some new blood in there.  I hated the Prince of Punk gimmick. 

Akio:  Are you kidding me?  A team with Tajiri would have worked.  Again, tag-teams are not a bad thing, but did anyone see the series between him and Paul London?  They put on cruiserweight clinics.  They should have been given a more higher profile feud.  Dumb move.  I am very sad to see this guy go.  I hope to see him in TNA or ROH soon. 

Gangrel:  They never used him and outside of a cool entrance, he didnít have much new to offer, so he had to go.  Makes sense. 

Billy Kidman:  He is too injury prone.  He kept coming back and having good matches, but would get injured again.  He didnít really bring much else to the table.  Good luck Billy Kidman.  You gave me a lot of great wrestling memories. 

Spike Dudley:  The only cruiserweight with so much charisma.  Spike made the division something unique, because he had backup from the Dudley Boys, so there was always a spotlight on the cruiserweights.  With the new wave of cruiserweights coming in, Spike would have played a major role.  A hardcore cruiserweight adds something different.  Dumb move. 

Kevin Fertig:  Oh well!!!

The Dudley Boys:  This is the single worst decision by the WWE.  With the success of ECW, the WWE should have held on to them.  With the signing of Vito to team with Nunzio, the return of the BWO and rumors of Axl and Balls coming to the WWE, there were fresh feuds that the Dudley Boys could get involved with.  Most importantly, a great feud between MNM and the Dudley Boys over the titles would have been hot.  Now, WWEís loss should be TNAís gain.  TNA should sign these guys up and have them feud with the reuniting Hardies and Americaís Most WantedThe Dudley Boys could be the first team to ever win the WCW, WWE, ECW and TNA tag-team titles.  This could be the biggest loss the WWE has had in a long time.  I definitely want to see what happens next.  This is the most interesting development of the past few weeks. 

Quick thoughts:

I canít wait to see Brock Lesnar come back.  I canít wait until Wrestlemania 22 when Brock fights Batista.  I donít care if he walked out of the WWE.  The WWE needs him.  This was the smartest move and the wrestlers better realize there is good money to be made in feuds with Lesnar

What is the WWE trying to accomplish between Jericho and Carlito.  They are both heels, yet they have this heat between the two of them.  I am assuming Carlito will turn face soon.  I canít wait to see that feud. 

HBK turns heel.  So, Raw has Edge, Jericho, Angle, Carlito, Flair, HBK and HHH as their main heels.  They have Shelton Benjamin, Cena, Kane, RVD and Hogan as their top faces.  Something seems very uneven about all this.  However, I am interested in a HBK vs. Hogan match, so itís all good.  Carlito and HHH may be turning face soon, so things will even out.    

I feel horrible for what happened to people in London, especially since my girlfriendís family lives there.  However, I do not think the WWE is evil for the angle involving Hassan.  Fans cried that the WWE had Doink the Clown and they werenít realistic enough.  Then things got more realistic and ratings were going through the roof and the fans were happy.  I love 24 and Alias and they are entertainment shows.  UmmmÖguess whatÖso is the WWE.  They can try to be everything at once, because they have so many characters.  They can be comedy.  They can be drama.  They can use elements of 24.  They can be clean.  They can be dirty.  What makes the WWE so good is that they have something for everyone.  Itís a storyline no different than what I saw this season on 24.  I have no problem with the angle at all.  It was done on 24 and it is done differently here in a more implied sense.  I have no problem with it. 

Well, I have said my piece.  Thatís all for today.  Be sure to check out the message board at where there is a spirited conversation going on about what the title belt means these days and the role of women in wrestling, as well as comments on the trades, draft and releases.  Have a voice of your own.  Get popped.  Sign up and give us your thoughts.  Thatís all for today.  Until next time, peaceÖ

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