Badseed's Bottomline #329

Looking into my Crystal Ball

By Badseed

Hey yo!  I donít know about you, but wrestling was getting hot at one point and then got a whole lot less interesting after the draft was complete.  Call it a letdown after watching a full stacked Raw brand PPV followed by a dismal effort made for Smackdown, but I just canít get it into anymore.  Sure, Summerslam looks hot with HBK vs. Hogan, Cena vs. Jericho, Matt Hardy vs. Edge, Kurt Angle vs. Eugene and Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio (which is going to actually be a ladder match with the prize being custody papers.  Too funny), but it is the storylines that have been lacking as of late.  Nothing is getting that old pop from me like it once did and that sucks, so I decided to discuss a few storyline ideas Iíve thought of as of late. 

Cena vs. Bischoff is Austin vs. McMahon or Austin vs. Bischoff all over again.  Itís cool to a point, but something needs to be done to really freshen this kind of angle up.  I didnít like what Bischoff implied last week when talking to Cena and Shelton Benjamin because it implied racism, even though his attack was on a white person, too.  Why is Cena white trash because he likes what was once considered music for, about and by black people.  I would like him to broaden his scope and just be attacking rebels; those that buck the system of tradition or those who do things that would normally be booed.  With that said, you can add RVD to the mix of those he would attack and maybe throw Eugene in there, because he refuses to be a good mentally challenged person and stay at home, but has instead gone out and shown he could hang with all the ďnormalĒ wrestlers.  Add Matt Hardy to the mix and you have an interesting feud between rebels and conformists. 

This is a main event feud that would elevate many careers and provide fans with a number of different and exciting match-ups for some time, as they would feud with Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, HBK (who has conformed a bit), Edge and Carlito Caribbean Cool.  Cena vs. any of these athletes is an exciting feud in the ring and on the mic.  Fans would get the Shelton Benjamin vs. HBK rematch they wanted to see on PPV and then Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle feud that should have been done the right way on Smackdown.  RVD vs. Jericho, HBK or Angle has not been seen in some time.  Eugene vs. Angle already looks like a hot feud.  He can go in the ring and I would love to see how he works against Jericho, HBK and Carlito.  Matt Hardy has not been used to his full potential and outside of a feud with Edge, there is no storyline opportunity for him at the moment.  An angered Bischoff could lead to future programs for Mattitude Followers to enjoy. 

The solo feuds would be hot, but tag-team match-ups could also be unique and offer so many interesting combinations.  Of course, the requisite Survivor Series elimination match would make for a very hot PPV. 

Next, HHH has to come back, but how does he come back?  Well, obviously, being out for some time, HHH is going to come back a changed man; a face and the fans are going to cheer him, so I would most certainly like to see one last big feud for Ric Flair.  Flair is the dirtiest player in the game and if he ever retires completely, he needs to go out a heel and officially pass the torch to HHH.  HHH should beat him in a retirement match.  Keep HHH out of the main program for a little while and then have him feud with HBK, because that is an interesting feud when the roles are reversed.  There are a lot of opportunities for HHH as a face at the moment.  He doesnít need to waste his flavor on another title run at the moment.  I would love to see HHH reconcile with Eugene at some point as well.  It would make for some interesting television.  I think that they messed up the whole HHH vs. Eugene angle.  I think that the WWE needs to be real again and blur the lines a little.  HHH could have been a heel, but he should have shown a soft side for Eugene just to make things more interesting than the usual good vs. evil storyline.  I always thought that the angle didnít serve a purpose the way they did do it. 

As for Kane and the Big Show; put them into a tag-team war with Snitsky and Masters.  Should be fun. 

Over on Smackdown, Batista needs a new opponent to battle after JBL.  Eddie Guerrero is the obvious choice.  Eddie is the hottest heel right now and after beating Brock Lesnar, anything is possible.  Guerrero has a way of getting under peopleís skin and he will find a way to make this feud work.  His violent outbursts could lead to Batista being severely attacked or his constant ability to cheat could give Guerrero a distinct advantage.  This feud could last for some time despite such a difference in styles and size. 

As for Rey Mysterio, I think the WWE should move him back to the cruiserweight division for a little while just to help push the Mexicools.  The matches would be hot and the feud would garner some attention and the potential team-up with Spanky and Paul London could set up other possibilities in the future.  Then, Mysterio could go back into the heavyweight mix and battle Christian for the U.S. title when he defeats Orlando Jordan, Booker T and Chris Benoit for it at the next Smackdown only PPV.  Mysterio deserves one run with a major title and after a great match with Christian, I canít wait to see what they can do on the grand scale together. 

As for the return of Brock Lesnar, it all depends on how the fans receive him.  Yeah, people were upset that he left, but everyone knows how important he is to bringing back Smackdown, so he may get a big face reaction.  If he comes back a face, he needs to apologize for his actions and get the fans on his side.  His first feud would have to be with JBL.  Bradshaw thinks Smackdown is his show and will attack Brock Lesnar for being a sellout. 

If Brock comes back a heel, his obvious feud would be with the Undertaker, but I would rather see him battle Chris Benoit after Benoit calls him a quitter.  Brock would work his way back up toward a feud with Batista in a monster showdown at Wrestlemania 22.  That has to happen.  There should be no other way. 

Those are my ideas for the next big feuds on Raw and Smackdown.  Real quick.  I must say this.  I noticed that Matt Hardy kept discussing his independence day and suddenly showed up on Raw when that day came.  I noticed that the Dudley Boys have made several mentions of the date when their contract is up and also made a point to discuss that they could show up on Raw or Smackdown any time between then.  I wonder if we could be seeing them on television for the WWE again real soon and I wonder if there is some sick and cruel joke being played on TNA as they try to make a big splash on Spike TV

Next week, I want you all to write the column for me.  Let me know how you would bring back the cruiserweight and womenís division.  Until then, be sure to check out the message board at where there is a spirited conversation going on about the battle between HBK and Hulk Hogan, the return of Bret Hart and much much more.  Have a voice of your own.  Get popped.  Sign up and give us your thoughts.  Thatís all for today.  Iíll see you on the manana.  Peace.   

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