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Badseed's Bottomline #332

Summerslam Part 2

By Badseed

    Hey yo!  So the eagerly anticipated Summerslam is over and I think I enjoyed the show overall.  It wasnít a memorable experience at all, but it was a decent outing nonetheless and by far, better than most shows on PPV featuring just the WWE name attached to it.  Iím going to go through the matches and where the WWE can go from here.  I am still waiting for your solutions on the cruiserweight and womenís division.  I just need a few emails or posts on my message board and next week, I will unveil your thoughts.  No, on to the column:

    Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan:  This match was so quick and for some reason, I think that was a good thing.  Obviously, Orlando Jordan didnít deserve the U.S. title.  Heís not a bad talker and can be developed into a better star.  Having trained under Rocky Johnson, if I am not mistaken, a good feud with The Rock one day could give him the rub he needs.  Have him start bad mouthing Rocky Johnson and his training for his losing streak and going under someone elseís tutelage.  Then, defending his pops, The Rock comes to Smackdown and kicks Orlando Jordanís ass, which really doesnít do anything for Jordanís career, but who cares?  Not me.  As for Benoit, I think he should be a fighting champion, someone that feuds with faces and heels over the belt.  Iíd like to see JBL feud with Benoit as Bradshaw tries to show Jordan how it is done.  I would also love to see a battle with Eddie Guerrero as well as a feud with Christian, Booker T or Rey Mysterio.  The great thing about Benoit is that heís versatile and could put on a great match with just about anyone.  He is exactly what Smackdown needed.  I look forward to seeing what they do with the U.S. title now. 

    Matt Hardy vs. Edge:  This match was actually pretty good while it lasted.  Loved Edgeís spear through the ropes and I love the spot that busted Hardy open, but the finish sucked.  Looking at the big picture of Summerslam, the spot and finish set up for Hulk Hogan to look like a larger than life character and that makes sense since he is in the main event, but heís there sporadically and Hardy is under contract.  I know they want to bury him, as they did by having him lose to Rob Conway, but from a logical standpoint, this should have been a bloodbath.  Hardy should have gushed and Edge should have been disqualified for using a weapon to make Hardy bleed even more.  It would have made the battle more personal because Edge would have basically tried to take Hardyís life.  Hardy would have also looked more sympathetic.  The feud is going to continue, regardless, but it appears so one-sided already that itís almost not worth watching, which doesnít really do anything for Edgeís credibility either.  Even Tommy Dreamer got in the chair shot heard around the world even as he lost match after match.  Let Hardy show some offense. 

    Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero:  I personally thought they should have had a platform above the ring with Dominic standing on it.  Then Mysterio or Guerrero would have to climb the ladder and actually have to pull Dominic off the platform to win.  If after 20 minutes, no one has won, they remove the platform, forcing Dominic to dangle from his neck, forcing Guerrero and Mysterio to prove their love for Dominic, saving him before he dies.  That would have made for a great match.  Sounds ridiculous and so was this angle, but they ended it; finally!!  Of course, not without it share of stupidity, as both wrestlers so wasted time as they walked the ladder, to allow the other one to stop them.  What was with Dominicís pitiful attempts to push the ladder over?  Someone train this kid.  It looked like he couldnít pEugene with a makeoverush a door open.  And why does the 619 or Dropping the Dime on to a ladder not hurt Mysterio more than it does Guerrero.  I have kicked hard metal before and it hurts a lot.  There is no logic behind those moves.  Now, donít think this feud is over just yet.  They still have one more match on Friday Night Smackdown and I canít wait to see it.  Guerrero better win, because he is the guy who made this feud work.  Afterwards, while Randy Orton continues his feud with The Undertaker, Guerrero should inject some drama and excitement into a new world title feud with Batista.  He should make mention of how he beat Brock Lesnar for the title once and could beat someone like Batista.  This could get Lesnar into the picture if they ever have plans of bringing him back in.  As for Mysterio, I would like to see him get involved in a feud with Chris Benoit for the U.S. title.  I just want to see this match.  I donít remember ever seeing them fight in singles action, at least in a high profile match that I donít care if both wrestlers are faces; I just want to see it happen. 

    Eugene vs. Kurt Angle:  This match sucked.  They pumped up the fact that there was no time limit for the match and then they gave us a short battle that made a mockery of Eugene.  He is a great wrestler and a match with Angle should have gone at least 15 minutes.  PPV matches are not supposed to bury wrestlers, except Orlando Jordan, because he sucks.  They are supposed to achieve one thing and that is, push one wrestler to the moon, while making the other wrestler a credible opponent for his next feud.  I think the WWE wasted an opportunity for a great match.  I cannot believe the stupidity here.  I hope they do something right with this.  Angle vs. John Cena is great for RAW.  I look forward to that battle.  Angle moves on and gets a high profile feud that makes perfect sense.  As for Eugene; well, if the fans want to boo him, make it a positive.  Have him rip into the fans and call them gullible for believing his act.  Have him cut his hair and look presentable, while wrestling real contests without the humor.  Even pair him with Eric Bischoff and somehow get around their past, making it look like one big ruse meant to make money off the fans.  Have Eugene brutalize HHH when he returns to show him who is really in charge.  Make Eugene a threat.  He would certainly have the heat behind him.  It is the perfect time to do this now that Christy Hemme is not by his side. 

    Undertaker vs. Randy Orton:  This was a classic wrestling battle that made both stars look like gold.  I really enjoyed this battle and thought it was the best match on the show up until this point.  I even thought the end was great.  I know, it seemed awkward how Bob Orton was just in there and Undertaker didnít know what to do and no one seemed to know what to do, but that made it seem so real.  We thought it was a run-in and then we were like, whoa, I think a fan got in there.  Smart move.  I also like Bob Orton showing up at ringside now with his son.  I think it makes for an interesting move that will bolster the hatred fans have for Randy Orton, while helping to promote the legends division.  They should have done this sooner.  I look forward to this feud continuing, but I would like to see it stretch out past the handicap match planned for the next Smackdown PPV.  At least, that is the rumor I am hearing.  I want to see Hell in the Cell at Survivor Series.  Why should RAW get the best matches?

    Hulk Hogan vs. HBK:  It was a decent match to watch, but very unrealistic and predictable.  There is no way Hogan should have won this match.  HBK is by far the best wrestler and the star the fans were really behind; at least the smart ones.  He delivered in this feud.  He made it worth watching.  Hogan didnít.  It was all HBK and he should have been rewarded with a victory.  Instead of losing to the cheesiest move set in wrestling.  Nice blade job by the Hulkster, but I really canít say anything else about him.  I think he could have shocked us with a few good wrestling moves to silence HBK, but he just proved Michaelsí correct in this battle.  I was very disappointed in the end.  I am glad Hogan wonít be coming back for awhile.  He really let me down.  As for HBK, I am saddened by his move back to babyface.  I felt he had more to offer as a heel, but I guess in a shot against Hogan, he is going to show the legend how to put over new talent.  HBK helped Chris Masters achieve a new level he could never obtain with his weekly Masterlock ChallengeMasters also did well on the mic and HBK sold the verbal jousting very well.  I look forward to seeing if this match works out.  Poor Big Show.  He never got to break the full nelson.  So sadÖoh, well. 

    Batista vs. JBL:  This was Batistaís best effort against someone that was not HHH.  I thought the match was pretty good for the short amount of time it was given.  I think Batista has to work on doing longer matches.  He is over as a champion, but he canít do long matches unless someone like HHH is involved.  Work on these matches at house shows and also, work on those promo skills.  Otherwise, Batista did a good job and I liked the powerbomb on the steps.  It could have used some blood, but Hulk Hogan had to hog that spotlight and keep everyone else down.  But overall, the match was good and we have two champions who have kept the belt for a pretty long time, which is something we have needed.  Now, Batistaís next challenge will come from Eddie Guerrero and I am betting JBL finds himself against Chris Benoit or possibly a returning Brock Lesnar.  I would really like to see JBL mentor this new Mr. Kennedy guy, who just seems like a natural fit with Bradshaw.  Maybe a tag-team will be born and Jordan will get the boot. 

    Chris Jericho vs. John Cena:  Awesome match.  I enjoyed this match and the following nightís rematch.  Jericho is a great wrestler who does his all in the ring and made Cena work hard with him.  I really thought the match could go either way, because I thought it was possible that the WWE was swerving us.  So, I was able to suspend my imagination for a little while and I was happy with what I saw.  What a great way to put Jericho into the FU.  It came out of nowhere and made the move that much better as a finisher.  And the fan reaction for the match was tremendous.  I mean, they were really into it more than any match on the show.  They didnít want Jericho to go and they showed Vince that he better do something about keeping him there.  But heís gone; at least for now.  While Cena will fight Angle in what should be an entertaining feud, Jericho could go to TNA or tour with his band like he says.  However, when he is ready to come back, I think he should go to Smackdown.  Now that he is fired, he doesnít have to be traded and that makes it all the more interesting.  I would love to see some of the match possibilities they can come up with.  But, if Jericho has lost his passion for the business and thinks he has done all that he can, I must plead with him and ask him to reconsider that notion.  If he went to TNA, he would be the biggest star they have and therefore would automatically be set up as the world champion.  TNA could be built around him.  Matches with Rhyno, Jeff Hardy, Raven or Jeff Jarrett would be great, but matches with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin and Abyss could be even better.  There is something new out there Jericho.  Try to make a small time company a big time threat to the WWE.  There is your new purpose and it allows you to tour with your band more often.  Think about it. 

    Now, a quick look at some of the wrestlers who did not make the Summerslam cut: 

    Shelton Benjamin:  Well, he has certainly been dropped down the ladder.  It looks like he will be put into a losing battle with Kerwin White and his new racist gimmick.  That sucks.  This guy is a star on the rise.  His match with HBK made Michaels give him his props the following week.  This is not a guy you have losing.  Sure, he canít talk, but he has a different kind of charisma that seems to just pour off of him.  His body language is perfect.  The fans know exactly what he is thinking at all times in that ring.  His match with Kurt Angle was one of the best matches on RAW since his battle with Michaels.  This is a guy who should be winning matches, not losing them.  He is not a veteran who should be giving a rub to new talent.  He should be getting the rub.  His de-push doesnít make sense. 

    Carlito:  I canít wait for RVD to come back, but a showdown with Ric Flair built on Flairís history with Carlitoís father could be really good if they do it right, using flashback footage and more.  This could really push Carlitoís career.  Flair gives back and you got to respect him for that.  I would love to see him get one more title reign, but not with the IC title.  I want him to get the world title, struggling in each match, but using his skills to get the job done.  Then, he wins the title, retires as champion, a moment befitting of Flair, and a tournament is held with Flair presenting the title to the winner.  We havenít had a tournament in so long.  I want to see one. 

    Booker T and Christian:  Something interesting is happening.  I think Christian is turning face and I think Booker T is staying face and I think Sharmell is going to be given the boot.  The fans canít stand her and I think they are serious about pushing Christian as a face.  He wasnít in the wrong in the match with the Mexicools.  He was about to get in the ring to help Booker T, but she berated him and he wouldnít stand for it.  He left.  Booker T could realize his wife is the one hurting his career and he cuts her loose, forms a team with Christian and the two find their way back to the top together, leading to a real feud between the two when only one can be world champion. 

    Finally, I just want to say that I am really enjoying the UFC and Pride on television.  It doesnít get better than real fighting.  Who says you need gimmicks and storylines to be sucked into the real drama that a fight presents.  Check out the UFC if you get a chance.  It is a real alternative to the WWE

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