Badseed's Bottomline #352

What Just Happened

By Badseed

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Hey yo!  So, I watched wrestling and just had to scratch my head at what I saw…

What the hell happened to Snitsky?  He’s not even muscular anymore.  He looks like a mound of flesh and that’s it.  How is he having a competitive match with HBK?  How long before they get rid of him? 

Did Chavo win the match with Masters?  Did Masters win?  I am so confused.  It just ended.  They played Chavo’s music.  What does that mean?

Wow, Chavo must feel great that the WWE didn’t bury him like I thought they would.  I mean, he actually got past three Masterlock attempts. 

What was that nonsense being spewed by Masters?  Did he really accidentally plug TNA’s Final Resolution?  Just kidding, but someone should tell him the name of the PPV before he goes out there and starts blabbering like Scott Steiner and Lex Luger

Another great match by Shelton Benjamin.  I don’t think the fans hate Cena as much as they just like dual chants in his matches, because Shelton never got cheered like that before.  Put Cena in there with Masters or Snitsky and see if the fans react the same way. 

So, Cena’s time ran out, but he still continued his match.  What a battle.  Why did Masters’ match just end again? 

If Cena turns heel, Jamal would make more sense as his thug friend, along with Rosie.  Turn Cena heel.  I liked his thug attitude better back then.  It is getting stale right now.  And a Hip Hop stable.  That sounds interesting.  Better than the No Limit Soldiers did, but not as good as 3 Live Kru

Please tell me Shelton’smama” isn’t coming to the WWE.  Why?  Oh God…why?  Note to Benjamin: They just killed your career. 

Trish turned 30.  I’m 29.  You like younger men, Trish?  Come on.  See my picture and tell me what you think.  Everyone needs some Statusfaction, but Jon Minerals is an essential part of anyone’s diet.  Oh, and thank you for kissing Mickie James

Kurt Angle is trying really, really hard to get the fans to hate him.  Really hard.  Too hard. 

HHH vs. Big Show: Wow, that feud actually got interesting; didn’t it?  Pen to the eye.  First, a screwdriver; now a pen.  HHH is really upping his arsenal and has become a throwback heel; the kind Jeff Jarrett really will never be.  Sorry JJ

For fans who don’t get it, HHH is doing more than older champions have ever done for the business.  Pay attention.  Flair-Dusty Rhodes-Flair-Ronnie Garvin-Flair-Ricky Steamboat-Flair-Sting-Flair.  Notice something.  Flair was always in the title mix.  HHH has taken himself out of it for now.  Kudos. 

Why did they have that Bret Hart segment?  For a second, I thought Hart was going to shock us as the new GM, burying the hatchet with McMahon, but then they had Michaels come down for the biggest non-ending in history.  In fact, it reminded me of when HBK turned on McMahon in the Corporation era.  I was expecting a superkick out of nowhere and that would have been better.  What I got was an awkward exchange between the two with McMahon looking legitimately pissed at HBK disclosing his age like that, followed by McMahon making HBK look like a punk before walking out of the ring with nothing happening.  Where is the story going?  Is Bret Hart going to get involved?  Probably not.  Is HBK going to get screwed at the Elimination Chamber?  Probably as the first entrant.  Is HBK going to be put into a situation where he will have to screw someone again?  Who knows, but who really cares? 

Over in TNA, wasn’t it interesting to see the company use Shannon Moore’s Prince of Punk gimmick more effectively than the WWE did in its entire run in only two small segments? 

Are WWE officials freaking out over the sight of Hebner out there on TNA television?  Oooh…When have the fans ever clamored more for a shoot interview from a referee?  I want to hear what he has to say. 

Great dis by Christian on Jarrett at the beginning of the program.  “Don’t Piss Me Off – Yea, that’s money.”  Funny stuff, but who gets sued there since several times, I saw the WWF old Attitude scratch logo on the back of the shirt?  Does the WWE sue TNA?  Does the World Wildlife Fund sue TNA?  I mean, wasn’t some sort of rule broken there?  Hey didn’t Bubba say Dudley wood on the PPV last time?  Who gets sued there?  Come on, let the lawsuits fly.  It makes for a great wrestling war. 


Please do not let the Boogeyman’s first feud be with JBL.  Not a good move. 

Sylvan loses matches because he is scared someone is going to hit his face.  Is wrestling supposed to be somewhat realistic?  Are we supposed to believe he didn’t know that wrestling entailed getting hit in the face at times? 

Two countouts on one show!  Can’t people book a show right anymore?  And a disqualification!  What?!  You can use a replacement in your best of seven series?  This is just stupid.  Take a look at my resume.  Hire me.

Why give Batista and Mysterio the Smackdown tag-team titles only to have them lose to Big Show and Kane and then lose the belts back to MNM.  I have a feeling the WWE wanted to unify the tag-team titles and then got cold feet.  What a letdown. 

Why is Mark Henry back and please don’t let him feud with Batista?  No one wants to see that. 

I don’t care if Samoa Joe will battle Christopher Daniels?  I want to see that, but I am not paying $30 for Sting and Christian vs. Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown.  That’s a TNA Weekly Wednesday PPV match.  We are in a new era guys.  Give us a singles title match.  You’ve already given us several tag-team main events involving the champion this year.  Put those on Impact.  I will make the same plea as I did to the WWE.  Take a look at my resume.  Hire me.

Well, that’s all for 2005 – until next year…Peace. 

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