Badseed's Bottomline #388:

Chris Jericho Can Save Smackdown

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, I was watching Celebrity Duets the other night just to see Chris Jericho perform and it dawned on me, Y2J so needs to come back to wrestling

First off, Celebrity Duets sucked.  Horrible show.  Yes, some celebrities can sing, but to watch judges cow tow to these stars, afraid to tell them what they really think, is just so fake. 

Plus, the first episode, where the judges get to kick off the first contestant before viewers get to call the shots was specifically designed to get rid of Chris Jericho.  So many times, wrestling fans go out of the way to vote for their favorites, like they did with Stacey Kiebler on Dancing with the Stars.  They didnít want Chris Jericho to get too far without merit, so they voted him off during the only week they had a say.  Cheech Marin was horrible.  He should have gone.  Jericho didnít sing great, but he had more charisma and sand better than Marin.  So disappointing. 

But in reality, Jericho looks bad being included on that show.  Being a guest on Celebrity Duets, Best Week Ever, I Love the 90ís, and a star of a Sci-Fi Network original movie does not make you a star.  Fronting a band that really canít crack the Billboard Top 10 doesnít make you a star.  Being in the WWE made you a star, at least in the peopleís eyes.  I applaud Jericho for trying to live out his dreams, but he is not the Rock, he is not going to make it like he did. 

Wrestling needs Jericho.  Forget Raw.  Forget ECW.  Look at Smackdown.  Their ratings suck as they prepare to begin on the new CW Network.  Jericho needs to save Smackdown Batista is the star of Smackdown, but he is not that great on the mic and has seemed to lost a bit of what made him a star back during the split of Evolution Booker T is nearing the end of his career.  JBL is gone.  Lashley is horrible on the mic.  Horrible.  Mysterio is nearing the end of his career, too.  I guarantee you that his injuries will eventually put him out of action for good.  And if they donít, he will never recapture the magic he had when he first came to the WWE.  Creative has buried him.  They were burying him when he was champion for Godís sake.  Matt Hardy is being punished for speaking his mind and being stupid enough to sign a contract.  The only real star on Smackdown right now is Mr. Kennedy, but he is nowhere near the level that Chris Jericho would be at if he were to return. 

Jericho is one of the best wrestlers on the mic.  He just has a way with words.  Heís a rare breed.  He can talk, he oozes charisma and he can wrestle.  Heís had some of the greatest matches with Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Edge, HBK, The Rock and Chris Benoit, just to name a few.  His heel turn was probably the best part of the whole WWE-Alliance war from back in the day.

And while he may think he accomplished all there is to accomplish in wrestling, he really hasnít.  One of the first to ever hold the European, Intercontinental, World Tag-Team, U.S., Cruiserweight, WCW World, and WWE World Championships, Chris Jericho is also the first Undisputed World Champion of our generation.  But, heís never led a brand to greatness.  Heís always had great stars around him and hasnít had the pressure other champions have had. 

But now, he has an opportunity to come back and help the WWE in a great way.  Smackdownís rankings have been tanking.  There has been no reason to watch the program.  Jericho could be the spark Smackdown needs to get the brand back on its feet. 

Oh, the Undertaker could help, but apparently, he only wrestles from time to rime.  We need a full-time star.  Chris Jericho fits the bill.  Maybe his humbling experience at Celebrity Duets, as faked as it seemed, could well make it happen. 

I could dream, canít I?  Letís dream together, shall we. 

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