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Badseed's Bottomline #398:

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?

By Badseed

Hey yo!!  So, I am caught back up on my wrestling, but I have a lot of questions. 

  1. Why do you book a show in England, where Roddy Piper and the Highlanders are over and have them both lose in the fashion in which they lost?  That seems like bad booking to me.  I mean, at least let Piper wrestle a little. 

  1. Why the hell is Lashley in ECW?  It actually does not make any sense.  He really isn’t capable of being an extreme wrestler.  He doesn’t fit the mold of the company’s past, present or future and outside of Test and the Big Show, he really doesn’t have much in the way of competition.  But if he is there, please make him a heel.  That’s the only way he will ever learn the trade. 

  1. What the hell are they doing to Hardcore Holly?  They seem so confused on how to use him.  He may be a heel, but they are still teasing a rift between he and Heyman.  It made no sense to turn him heel to begin with, but now that they did, they shouldn’t be already teasing dissension; should they? 

  1. What is the under card for December to Dismember?  I mean, we have a hot main event, but all the main wrestlers are in it.  True, we have Sandman and Tommy Dreamer to use, but they don’t really have quality opponents.  I know ECW never advertised much of their under card in the past and it worked, but if you look at the roster, there is really not much else worth watching outside of the main event.  I can’t even hazard a guess as to who would wrestler and what matches we could see.  Any ideas? 

  1. Why is the Great Khali the world’s largest valet? 

  1. Why is Sylvester Turkey the world’s most dangerous valet? 

  1. When did Elijah Burke create Elijah Burke Productions when nothing about his character suggests he would go that route? 

  1. Why is Big Show complaining about injuries and rumors stating that he can barely walk or wrestle seem to be all the talk as speculation presumes he will retire once his contract is up, yet he shows up on almost every show and seems to work harder than any other WWE wrestler as of late? 

  1. The Voodoo Killer Mafia?  What?  Who?  Huh?  Just to get the initials VKM so that they can feud with Vincent Kennedy McMahon?  Didn’t they also say that they were pissed at TNA, too?  Um…didn’t they already do this angle in the WWE where they showed up at WCW Headquarters?  Doesn’t that seem desperate to try to recreate a moment from your competition when you are supposed to be focusing on what separates you from the rest?  Why am I still interested in what will happen with this angle? 

  1. Wasn’t Kurt Angle vs. Abyss just a great preview of what we can come to expect from TNA in the future and shouldn’t they be given two hours more often? 

  1. Why can’t ECW have a TV title and a tag-team title and make it work when TNA manages to make three belts look important in the same time frame each and every week? 

  1. Could Rhino lose every match in TNA and still look more dominant than he ever did in the WWE

  1. I thought AJ Styles was the focal point of the X Division again.  When did Christopher Daniels become the focal point and why are they recreating a feud most people saw already?  I know it is a move to primetime, but it’s just a schedule move, not a channel switch.  There won’t be that many new customers watching.  There really is no need to do it all over again…is there? 

  1. When will Jerry Lynn get involved, because Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles is something the fans need to see again? 

  1. What happens when Wrestle Society X debuts?  They seem to focus on all aspects of wrestling, including tag-teams, which is still so lacking in the WWE.  They have different wrestlers, giving us more of a fresh look at the indy scene than ever before and they have a major network sponsoring them. 

  1. How will the season format of WSX affect the way we view wrestling?  MTV doesn’t understand wrestling as a yearlong show.  They want seasons, but that can be a dangerous game to play when dealing with contracts, aging and injuries. 

  1. How long will it take before MTV just pulls the plug on the show, as they did with the hot Spiderman animated series not so long ago?  I mean, when MTV feels a show doesn’t fit their mold, it doesn’t matter how good it does; they just cancel it.  Let’s hope they don’t do this with wrestling.  They have done it before, though. 

  1. When does the WWE realize they are setting CM Punk to fail being involved in his matches at Survivor Series and December to DismemberCM Punk will not win the Extreme Elimination Chamber so who do you have beat him without making him look bad?  Big Show?  Maybe RVD to set up an obvious feud?  Who?  And he is teaming with HHH, HBK and the Hardy Boyz at Survivor Series.  Do you expect him to be one of the survivors when it is all about DX and somewhat about the reunion between the Hardy Boyz?  Who does he lose to there?  He can’t lose to Mike Knox and if he loses to a WWE superstar, how does he get his heat back?  Did the WWE think this all out?  I don’t think they did. 

  1. Am I the only one who thinks Bob Sapp in the WWE is a bad idea? 

  1. Why can’t they get Ken Shamrock back?  I wish he was there in the WWE or at least TNA where they can do an ankle lock vs. ankle lock one-shot feud. 

  1. Am I the only one who can’t wait to see Scott Steiner come back to TNA?  I hope they work things out.  Steiner vs. Angle wouldn’t be too bad a match. 

Well, that’s all for today.  I asked 21 questions…ah, forget the 50 Cent song.  It has no place here.  Two more columns until the big 400.  Looking forward to it.  Until HHH takes on The Game in a freestyle rap battle, keep clicking on Badseed’s Bottomline.  Peace

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