Badseed's Bottomline #399:

One to Go: Anything Goes

By Badseed

Hey yo!  The PPV I was waiting for all year left me bewildered, wondering if I got what I paid for. 

Damn, Genesis was just weird.  The matches were great, but the storylines still have me scratching my head.  It was a total mixed bag, but I felt the action in the ring really pushed this card over.  The stories; they were very questionable. 

How many instances of handshakes must we have?  TNA is about respect.  I get that, but this isnít Ring of Honor.  Calm down.  Chris Sabin shakes hands with Christopher Daniels and then hits the cradle shock.  Cool.  I like Sabin as a heel and I canít wait to see Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn

AJ Styles and Daniels get into it and Rhino plays peacemaker.  Why?  Was it because Christian was in the match and Rhino still hates him and knows what it is like to hurt from losing your friends?  And if Styles turned hell, did Daniels, too, because if you read the spoilers, you will be totally confused. 

And then Kurt Angle refuses to shake Samoa Joeís hand.  What the hell?  Can we all hug, too? 

I donít like how Angle won.  I didnít want Joe to tap out.  That really sucked, but the match was great and the fact that there will be a sequel really excites me.  I hope they keep going with this one.  Find any possible match and let them go at it for like six months and I will be a happy wrestling fan. 

LAX seems to be going the route of the earlier Nation of Domination stable with a lawyer and such.  I am glad that LAX kept the belts.  That would have been a retarded storyline if they hadnít.  Anyways, isnít it amazing how LAX has gotten over with the fans?  Canít wait for Senshi to get in the mix; possibly leading to a six-man match with AMW and Petey Williams

I bet they push Chris Harris again in singles.  Vince Russo likes him and I can see Williamsí turn as a way of creating a new team in the form of Williams and Storm Ė The CAN-AM Connection

I think I remember from back in the day that the TNA title can change hands on a DQ, but they never kept track of that and if anyone can help me refresh my memory, didnít Jarrett save his belt on a DQ at least once and didnít they create a stipulation for one of his matches that he could lose the belt on a DQ because of his actions? 

Regardless of all that, if you watch the match, werenít there many instances where the ref could have called a DQ?  Why did he wait until that point?  It made no sense and what it did was hurt Stingís credibility after winning the title from Jarrett in what was a well-built storyline.  It was like when Sting won the belt from Hogan and then had it taken away from him.  All that wait to screw the fans makes no sense and then you ruin what is a great match between Sting and Christian and make it a gimmick match with Abyssí inclusion.  Christian is very capable of carrying this feud with Sting.  Itís a shame that they had to include Abyss, who for the record does deserve a title run, just not in this way. 

This all screams of Vince Russoís booking.  While he isnít being gratuitous, he is being way too complicated.  Sometimes people want storylines they can follow.  I read the spoilers and they seemed all over the place.  I donít even know what to make of what is going on.  Is that a good thing?  Not sure.  I will have to watch the show and see, but right now, I am not convinced that this was all for the best. 

Anyways, thatís all for me today.  With one more column to go, I turn it over to you.  Letís check into my sack and pull out some letters.  Since you took so much time to answer some of my questions, I felt I should publish some of your responses to my previous columns.  Enjoy and Iíll see you next week for my big 4-0-0.  Peace

Jesse Lee writes: 

I, as usual, enjoyed today's (11-22-2006) column. They way you did it was, how you say, informal... which is sometimes good. This was one of those times. I'm going to write my comments in the format as how you gave your opinions.

1.  This is what I call "blind booking." I think the writers who had Spirit Squad winning didn't really care that the Highlanders are supposed to be from a European region. However, the Highlanders have lost so much credit, I'm surprised they made it on the show period.

2.  I don't think it's fair to judge this early. Lashley is a decent performer and since there are very few matches that are "extreme rules" then it's likely that Lashley will be involved with very few of those types. I think he adds a bit of strength to the roster and could be used very well if things go right. With everyone going heel (Test, Knox, Thorn, Holly, Big Show, and Heyman) it's nice to have another face (along with CM Punk, Sabu, and RVD.) I don't include Dreamer and Sandman because (I wish I would never have to say this) they've been used so little and wrongly, that I lost faith in them getting any real push. Just like how people said Big Show didn't belong in ECW, lets see how Lashley holds out, then judge.

3.  I hated Holly's heel turn! He was gaining a good amount of noticed due to his match with RVD and was being a good tweener. It would have been nice to see them hold off on the Holly turn before going heel. I personally figured it was a way for Holly to sneak into the chamber and try to beat Big Show. Overall, lousy and rushed move.

4.  The only ones left that occur often are Mike Knox, Kevin Thorn, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Riot Squad, Matt Striker, Rene Dupree, Daivari, FBI, and Elijah Burke. Seeing as how most of these are heel, I suspect that WWE may send the Hardy Boyz into ECW as a face team to help with the PPV. My card would be...

        1) Sandman/Dreamer vs. Riot Squad (with the remaining time, push for them to get in a feud)

        2) Rene Dupree/Striker vs. Hardy Boyz (Dupree & Striker form an anti hardcore heel team while Hardy Boyz come in to shut them up.)

        3) Daivari/Elijah Burke (or Sylvester/Khali) vs. FBI (basically just a card filler for now.)

        4) Kevin Thorn vs. (either Daivari/Burk or Terkay/Kahli)  (Who doesn't compete in the last match will go up against Thorn.)

        5) Elimination Chamber

    If done right with the remaining time, these matches could be properly pushed to fill in the December 2 Dismember PPV.

5.  Because he's.. well.. no answer...

6.  No answer again... sorry.

7.  Because the writers are so fond of this stuff that they want to take a character who likes hot dogs and give him ice cream. It's genius! (sarcasm at 8.62)

8.  Because Big Show is wanting to be a hard worker. He probably cares enough to play the role of the head guy on the ECW brand to act like a locker room leader. He probably wants to show that just because he has a few problems, he can still hold out for WWE (unlike other wrestlers who seem to drop out as soon as they get a papercut.)  Bad wrestler, yes.. modest, hardworking man, definitely.

9.  I hated seeing the "Voodoo Kin Mafia" and it left a bad taste in my mouth after seeing what it was all about. I remember back in 97, 98, and 99 that I used to love these guys. While I still respected them, they eventually got old and never did anything else other than showing off an ass or dancing around (badly) from time to time. I remember when TNA first came onto Spike TV, I rejoiced at hearing BG James' voice and was excited to see him again. Now, I wish he would disappear with Kip so the two can figure out how to make their lives happier and move on.

10.  YES! Although I dislike TNA Impact's constant formula of run-ins, I will not ignore the fact that they've been able to keep everyone credible and exciting to watch (exception of "VKM.") I do dislike how they tend to change feuds every month, which is why I like WWE. Where TNA makes a feud with a few exciting matches between, say, Christian and Samoa Joe in a month's time.. WWE could take it and keep it good for three or so months. It's usually around the fourth or fifth month when feuds get stale for them. TNA rushes a lot, but I'm sure that would change if two hours a week, they can get a steady pace and be more exciting for me, personally, to watch.

11.  While I don't think ECW really needs a tag team (one team never wrestles, another team rarely appears on TV, another team is nothing but jobbers, and the last team has one member in the Elimination Chamber.) If rumors are true, Hardy Boyz would be the only other team. (Striker and Rene's team idea is my own idea that I think would help their careers.) I do think a TV title would help those on the undercard have something to aim for.

12.  I think TNA does so much of a good job with Rhino, that he could lose to Shark Boy and still be a considerable NWA-TNA champion.

13.  This just goes along with my dislike for TNA changing the pace so much. They change feuds and focus points so many times, it's difficult for new viewers to keep up. I would have kept AJ and Daniels a tag team for a little while longer.


15.  I never heard of Wrestle Society X.. so sorry, can't comment

16.  While I do agree with seasons of wrestling (especially if they want to be more sport-oriented) I don't think MTV is a great place for anything. I've always hated this station.

17.  Another reason why I dislike MTV.

18.  I don't think him being the only "casualty" on Team DX at Survivor Series would harm his credit. They're pushing for him. As long as they give him TV time and get behind his character, he'll be a big player.

19.  Bob Sapp? Who?

20.  I really liked Ken Shamrock back when he was in WWF. I wish they would sign him back up for Smackdown... it would be great to see Benoit vs. Shamrock.

21.  I never liked Steiner, but I still think he can do something useful for the business (unlike a lot of other veterans.)

Andrew Dakota wrote: 

First off, I find your column pretty good. You're the only person besides me that has wanted to see Shamrock back, even if its a one shot deal. It was bad enough they gave his move to Kurt Angle---I can live with that---but Jim Ross would always say 'hes snapping' in regards to Angle, which was annoying, as we all know how Shamrock can be. While im at it, I hope Jericho heads to TNA. At his ability to wrestle at such a high speed, and make bad wrestlers look good...and his mic skills, persona, and charisma...he has to be one of the---if not---the best all around wrestler around. And im being unbiased. Christian is currently my favorite wrestler.

The point of this email is, since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable in wrestling, and it is long, so I apologize:

I see Randy Orton, who I feel cant wrestle at all---at least hes not ready in that regard. He has very good mic skills, but his move looks a little---whippty doo. John Cena has a very annoying character that slaps people like me across the face. Hes ok on the mic, and hes ok as a wrestler and entertainer. Thing is, they get the title WAY too early. Whatever happened to the days of building a wrestler from the ground up? Carlito, Shelton (especially if he can get some mic skills), and CM Punk (as of now) are the only ones with legit shots to be legendary.

Shawn Michaels started off in the Tag Team world, and worked up to the IC took him a decade in the WWF to finally get the title, and hes a far superior wrestler/entertainer than Cena, Orton, Lesnar, etc. For that build up, he really has a legacy of working hard, and winning the World Title after all that time really made him out to be a hero. Same with Bret Hart. I always dreamed of a Christian vs. Edge Wrestlemania for the title, as they were both built from the ground up...and I feel both are all around better and more deserving than Cena---and ESPECIALLY Orton (given his childish reallife personality). Christian was completely mis used. Who knows what the future is for Jeff Hardy---and even Johnny Nitro, but they have done a good job building them up. Problem is, they dont go that route anymore. Even the Rock and Triple H were being built up. I just think that wrestling is going downhill---at least the WWE. Its not for kids anymore. The wrestlers feel forced. There is no magic anymore in that company.

And one more thing before I cut my rant off. Am I the only one who is bitter that Razor Ramon never held the WWF World Title? Seriously, I grew up heavy into wrestling during the late 80s-late 90s, and outside of Bret Hart and maybe the Undertaker, Ramon was the most charismatic guy out there. Even over a young Shawn Michaels. Ramon was a good in ring worker, and during the early 90s, he possessed very good speed for a big man...made the matches look fluid. His popularity was enormous. His character was fun. He had the look and size. I just dont get it. It ties in with the young guys who were given the belt early. Ramon never got his due. I still have old tapes from those days, and when Ramon's music hit during his IC era, it was epic. It just sucks knowing its never going to happen at this point, and he really deserved one run with it.

Pim Knot writes: 

I am a fan of your collums and the last one I read BB 398 was just something that worked on my funny bone. You got most of it right on the kisser but allow me to answer as much as I can J without being rude ofcourse/

1. Why do you book a show in England, where the Highlanders are over and have them both lose in the fashion in which they lost? That seems like bad booking to me

.        Since all times the WWE has been known to push who they believe should be pushed regardless of their background, I think with the Highlanders and now Crime Time the WWE had a chance to build up a little bit of their Tag Team Division but they keep screwing it up by pushing/de-pushing teams too fast

2. Why the hell is Lashley in ECW? It actually does not make any sense. He really isnít capable of being an extreme wrestler. He doesnít fit the mold of the companyís past, present or future and outside of Test and the Big Show, he really doesnít have much in the way of competition. But if he is there, please make him a heel. Thatís the only way he will ever learn the trade.

.        Lashley as we all know has bad bad mic skills and im afraid WWE is not willing to help him improve that at this time. Therefore his shift to the Extremists, here he just wrestles and doesnít really have to say anything. Yes a Heel Turn should work aswell.

3. What the hell are they doing to Hardcore Holly? They seem so confused on how to use him. He may be a heel, but they are still teasing a rift between he and Heyman. It made no sense to turn him heel to begin with, but now that they did, they shouldnít be already teasing dissension; should they?

.        I donít have a real answer for you here, they could have really build him as a Hardcore Face Maniac after that back gash, I think they want to make him more of a Tweener.

The following few questions well I didnít really answer, because ECW under the WWE flag just doesnít intrest me too much, except for what ive read about it (they donít have the variable roster that the old ECW used to have, with real wrestlers like benoit, guerrero, malenko. Or the Luchadores Psychosis, Rey Mysterio, Super Crazy nd others. Or the Tag Team Division (Dominators, Gangstas, the Dudleys etc) and I do not care less about the great big logs of wood.. I cannot Speak Khali, I look like a Clown Turkey and Elijah what?

8. Why is Big Show complaining about injuries and rumors stating that he can barely walk or wrestle seem to be all the talk as speculation presumes he will retire once his contract is up, yet he shows up on almost every show and seems to work harder than any other WWE wrestler as of late?

.        If he retires, then what for ECW? Well it would be good for him to loose the title that goes without saying but stopping with Wrestling all together, lets not hope so, he should just take a few steps back and chill out for like 3 months(atleast) I love the Big Show or back in WCW the Giant! He might not be the best wrestler or always the best on the phone. He does know how to entertain and how to sell. I will never forget him coming out dressed up like Hulk Hogan, or his match with JBL (Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match @ No Way Out 2005) Big Show put his body on the line time and again for this company and he deserves some rest, lets hope he gets it

9. The Voodoo Kin Mafia? What? Who? Huh? Just to get the initials VKM so that they can feud with Vincent Kennedy McMahon? Didnít they also say that they were pissed at TNA, too? UmÖdidnít they already do this angle in the WWE where they showed up at WCW Headquarters? Doesnít that seem desperate to try to recreate a moment from your competition when you are supposed to be focusing on what separates you from the rest? Why am I still interested in what will happen with this angle

.        I love the VKM angle, I like the name, maybe you think that them showing up at WWE headquarters is old and has been done before, but in this case it was all about the cancelled show in Bloominfield CT. Anyway I think this might turn around and will turn out that they will also bite out of TNA in some sort of way, just let it play out a bit, its still too fresh to really know what is going to happen.

10. Wasnít Kurt Angle vs. Abyss just a great preview of what we can come to expect from TNA in the future and shouldnít they be given two hours more often?

.        I havenít honestly seen it yet, but I think that Angle Beating Abyss, Abyss beating Sting, Angle Beating Samoa Joe. Doesnít this make Sting look quite bad? As far as the 2 hours go, Hell yeah, that goes without saying, better yet I think that if they donít get that 2nd hour soon that they might aswell kiss TNA goodbye as more and more talent will be unhappy because they arenít properly showcased due to not enough time on the shows. (Not to mention the amount of ex WWE Talent that springboards all over the TNA Talent).

11. Why canít ECW have a TV title and a tag-team title and make it work when TNA manages to make three belts look important in the same time frame each and every week?

.        Really simple, WWE doesnít want ECW to take off as much that it will take people away from their other shows like RAW and SmackDown, next to that they donít feel that anyone currently in ECW is good enough to hold a belt of importance. (see my comment on the variable roster for ECW)

12. Could Rhino lose every match in TNA and still look more dominant than he ever did in the WWE?

.        Simple YES! Cause he goes the full 10000% every single time

13. I thought AJ Styles was the focal point of the X Division again. When did Christopher Daniels become the focal point and why are they recreating a feud most people saw already? I know it is a move to primetime, but itís just a schedule move, not a channel switch. There wonít be that many new customers watching. There really is no need to do it all over againÖis there?

.        I must be honest with you but I have missed the whole feud between Daniels and Styles so wouldnít mind seeing it ofc. But on the other hand you are right it hasnít been too long, split them up as a tag team yes, cause well too be honest with you they should be single and in the X-Division or just normal. Either Styles or Daniels as Focal point hell why not both? Though I think that there is a really good chance that Daniels and Senshi will be re-united

I just have one more Question I want to answer and I answer it with a full HELLL YEAH I wanna see Steiner back in TNA, he has proven a lot of people wrong in his feud with Samoa Joe and has proven to me that he is worthy of being there.

Oh one more thing, next to a 2nd hour for Impact they need another Belt as step up to the NWA Heavyweight title

Dave Tennant Wrote: 

Hi there Jon, after reading your latest column on Wrestleview, I had to take the opportunity to give you back some answers to your questions.  Well at least the ones about the Fed (apart from 19 - as I've never seen Bob Sapp I won't comment on him) - I don't really get the chance to watch much TNA  at the moment, other than borrowing some PPVs and Impact tapings from a friend of mine so will refrain on the bulk of them.


1. (Highlanders in England)

- As I sit here, writing to you from Paisley, Scotland (opens a tin of cheap pop :), I have no real problem with it - the Fed has oft before had wrestlers lose in their hometown, which is worse.  They're billed from Scotland for starters.  Saying they're from England is like saying a Texan is from New York City...oops, sorry, bad example, but you get the point I think. :)  Personally speaking, I mark out for the Highlanders (unlike some Scotsmen I know who despise the stereotypical gimmick) as they are basically 2006's Bushwhackers.  Gotta love that.  Seeing them team up with Flair & Piper at the recent house show here at Braehead with all 4 guys wearing kilts before beating the male cheerleaders was great.

I don't think they're a serious team to win championships right now though (sadly) - so a loss to the 2 guys who look to have singles futures from the Squad isn't so bad, even if it's around 300 miles tops from their 'hometown'.  Incidentally, there's more tag teams around than there has been for some time.  Just a shame that instead of having 3 half decent rosters can't get together to make one really hot tag scene.

(Btw if the Fed ever manages to run a TV Taping in Scotland, can we please play up the Scotland-England rivalry?  The fans eat it up like nothing else - you should see the abuse that likes of Regal get being English up here.)

2. (Lashley in ECW)

- I have heard it rumoured (perhaps you will know more than me about this as far as how true it is) that Lashley does not see eye to eye with Michael Hayes, and actually REQUESTED his move to ECW.  Like I said, I don't know if that's true, just that I've heard it rumoured.  I do share your concerns about him there and the lack of opponents he can credibly have.  That said if Big Show IS retiring soon, he could take over his role of heel monster.  I don't think he'll work credibly as a heel though as he is just too softly spoken for it, at least at this time.  We shall see however.

3. (Hardcore Holly)

- I could not agree with you more.  I am a major fan of Holly and honestly think he could play the role of anti-hero in ECW.  He's got it all from a wrestling standpoint and is clearly willing to put his body at major risk.  The powers that be should sense a real opportunity with him and just run with it.

4. (December to Dismember)

- Yep, they need to sort out at least a couple of other matches going into it.  Like you say, there's still talent to use and the Chamber match will be great I'm sure, but they're not helping sell the PPV with having no undercard so late in the buildup.

5. (Khali)

- I think it works better that way actually.  Daivari is a talented wrestler and is now finally being given a chance to impress and not just be a manager.  Khali is clearly very green so this allows him to dominate where appropriate without looking so weak on ability.

6. (Terkay)

- Same deal as for Daivari & Khali.  Burke strikes me as being the talent.

7. (Elijah Burke Productions)

- That's the Fed for you, how rare is good character development in that company these days?  I like the idea though...could be a way for Burke to build a stable of wrestlers at some point.

8. (Big Show)

- Your guess is as good as mine.  I've noticed no reduction in the quality of his work, so if he is working hurt, more power to him.  If the rumours are true that he's retiring and a program with Hogan at WM 23 is his way of bowing out, then all the best to the man I say - it'd be yet another big loss to wrestling.

9. (Voodoo Kin Mafia)

- I will comment on this as I did hear about it, and frankly that's all you need.  I had a great idea that in doing this whole VKM thing and turning up at Stamford where they could avoid the trap of just redoing the events back in '98.  They should play it the other way, as if they're going to LEAVE TNA and sign up with the devil again, taking the tag belts en route - think of the Dudleys leaving ECW for the kind of thing I mean.  Of course, it should be an elaborate rouse and work as a double swerve but hey, it's better than just retelling the DX invasion angle.

10. (TNA 2 hours)

- Again, I'll comment on this one.  I hope it happens - I have watched a few episodes of Impact borrowed from my mate and I like the action but not the 1 hour format.  Don't like it for ECW either, too many guys miss out on action and the opportunity to have their characters developed.

11. (ECW secondary titles)

- I could not agree more on that whatsoever.  December to Dismember as we've mentioned has no undercard - if it had titles to fight for that would be addressed one would have to think.  There should be tag belts and a TNA X-Division style 'Extreme' title, only ever fought for under Extreme Rules.  Sadly, I don't think we'll get either any time soon - perhaps if (when?) ECW gets 2 hours a week it might but I don't see it happening until then.  Frankly though, the Fed should bite the bullet and get away from having 3 rosters.  Lets have WWE and ECW and move people where they can work best.  Then we'd really have some 2 hour shows worth watching.

12. (Rhino)

- As it relates to his past booking in the Fed then I'll comment.  YES, he could lose every match in TNA and still look more dominant than the Fed let him be.  No doubt about it.  So long as he looks strong in his matches there's no problem, and over there you have to think he would.

18.  (CM Punk)

- I said this myself just the other day.  I have to think that the booking of the match will see DX against a large number of opponents (Knox and/or Helms will probably be eliminated but the rest still present) to mount a comeback against the odds that may/may not work out.  The only problem with that is how Punk looks in the match as it could definitely harm his push towards the chamber match.  There's only 2 ways I could see his elmination working out and have him not losing too much steam:

A) - Kelly Kelly gets into some form of bother and he departs to rescue her (being eliminated on a count out).

B) - Possible outside interference from likes of Show going undetected by the ref, leading to his elimination.

C) - Rated RKO hitting both finishers (preferably after a distraction as per B).

There's very little else that wouldn't make him look weak coming out of the match.  If somehow, we're wrong and he DID survive the match though, HHH's line about him being the next ECW Champ may be a lot more than just words.

20. (Ken Shamrock)

- No, you're not the only one that'd like to see him back, even if just for a short time.  Him vs Angle in TNA would get people talking for sure.

Anyway there's some responses to some of your questions.  Keep up the good work man, your column is one of the ones I check out every time on Wrestleview and it's no surprise to me yer almost at the 4-0-0. :)

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