Badseed's Bottomline # 413

Wrestlemania Looks Awesome


Hey yo!  Now, I know coming from me, this sounds weird, but I personally love the lineup for Wrestlemania this year.   

From top to bottom, this show is stacked up and has that classic Wrestlemania feel I found to be missing from other PPVs this year.   

The main events are all killer.  John Cena vs. HBK has been built up perfectly.  There is a lot of drama involved and I love how they are trying to make HBK the heel in this, even though the fans love him more.  I thought it was a great package they put together showing all the times he turned on his partners.  It really builds that tension as the two hold on to the tag-team titles together.  

Fans still like to chant Cena sucks, which I think upsets him, but Cena does have a lot of life left in his character.  Cena has so many elements of his character.  He is a bad ass at times and comes off as an everyday kind of guy like Steve Austin.  He has the star quality of The Rock, in terms of the fact that both could be looked upon to head up action films…although Rock can actually act.  His interviews have a little DX in them, too, as he makes fun of one person after another and his cheap plug for his DVD blew away that of the New and Improved DX.  Funny stuff.  Of course, he has his own style added to the mix that makes him unique.  

And HBK is HBK.  He never seems to have a bad match and I think fans really need to see him all the time.  If HBK goes, there will be something missing in the WWE.  Back in the day, you had The Rock, HHH, Austin, Undertaker and Foley to fill the void.  You even had Kurt Angle and Big Show.  HBK, as a wrestler, and the Undertaker, are all the fans can really cling on to these days.  HHH is just not the same and everyone else either retired or left for another company.  HBK and Undertaker are the two guys who can legitimately build stars and the WWE is firmly behind Cena and Batista.  It is kind of obvious why these four were paired together. 

In HBK vs. Cena’s case, HBK will build up the Dr. of Thuganomics by falling to him cleanly.  Cena will hold on to the belt for a little while longer. 

Undertaker vs. Batista has that classic Hulk-A-Mania flavored feel to it…this time with Undertaker facing his greatest threat in the Animal.  Batista lacks so much.  He is a big guy who cannot do much without a guy like HHH in there with him.  He doesn’t have the charisma of Hogan or the oddness of Warrior.  He’s too soft spoken (kind of like Lashley without the girl’s voice) and doesn’t have any cool catch phrases, but his mere presence is still enough to excite fans and that works.  The title vs. streak angle is what sells this match most of all.  Undertaker will win.  He actually really deserves one last ride with the belt.  And I think this could set Batista toward a heel turn. 

Umaga vs. Lashley:  I don’t like the implications it has for  the ECW title.  I mean, since when were the IC title and ECW title considered equals.  That’s what this match implies, but anyways, with one guy jacked up and another built up as a monster, this match is almost worthy of a main event slot.  You add Donald Trump and Vince McMahon to the mix…with one of them getting their head shaved bald and various people…including The Rock…voicing their opinions on the matter…and then you add Steve Austin in the mix as a referee, you have one sick main event quality match. 

Money in the Bank Match: This match has a lot of drama behind it.  Will Matt and Jeff Hardy end up fighting one another in a ladder match.  Will Matt work stiff against Edge or is their drama far behind them now?  It will be interesting to see them going at it again.  Edge and Orton have watched their partnership fizzle and it will be interesting to see what happens in this match when you almost always align yourself with someone in the early goings.  King Booker and Finley used to be partners and both are still heels.  How will they interact?  CM Punk and Mr. Kennedy are the new blood in this match.  It will be great to see how well they represent themselves.  I have a feeling Mr. Kennedy will be allowed to do a lot better.  There is definitely going to be a lot of carnage.  The only thing missing in this match is Shelton Benjamin.  That sucks.  Anyways, my pick to win…Randy Orton, but controversy involving Edge will have them going at it for months after. 

Melina vs. Ashley:  It is time to find a new woman to lead the division like Trish and Lita did.  Melina is a perfect choice.  I think over time and with more training, Melina could be the face of the women’s division.  I would actually like to see how she would fare as a face.  I think the more despicable she becomes as a heel, the cooler it will be when she turns.  Eventually, she will have to and that will cement her role in the company.  Until then, Ashley is sort of the IT girl being in Playboy, but she cannot wrestle and I can’t see her holding on to a title.  I see Melina winning this one.  Ashley will have sold enough Playboys by then anyways. 

Kane vs. Khali:  Seriously, I know it sounds weird, but there is something appealing about this match…more so on Kane’s part.  I actually think Kane should win.  I don’t think Khali has any long term hope in this company.  I really don’t see him lasting on his size alone.  Kane deserves a real push.  When he wore the mask, they gave him a one-day reign with the title, but he loses the mask and they really do nothing with him.  He deserves better than that.  I would love to see him beat Khali.  Kane has taken on the role that Undertaker took against Giant Gonzalez, but I think this match will be better.  It will still be bad, but in the same way Andre vs. Big John Studd was bad at Wrestlemania I.  It was bad.  Watch the match.  It was definitely not good. 

Benoit vs. MVP:  This will be a far better match than people think.  MVP’s stock rose, not in his inferno match, but in his six-man tag-team match with MNM against Benoit and the Hardy Boys.  I really thought he did a great job in that match and I have been looking forward to a one-on-one match between the two ever since.  While his attire sucks, his ring work is great.  And Benoit can make anyone look like gold.  Benoit will lose the US title in this match and head to Raw where he will be a very formidable opponent to John Cena.  I really want to see them go at it.  Benoit has not been a heel in a long time.  I miss the heel Benoit. 

New Breed vs. Originals: I love this match.  I am a mark for the ECW Originals, but even the New Breed is cool.  Here is what I would like them to do with this match.  I would like them to make it an elimination match where after a certain amount of time has passed, weapons are lowered to the ring.  Before that happens, the New Breed takes advantage, but once the weapons come down, Dreamer clears house and makes the ultimate come back to get the win.  If they don’t do something like this (obviously they wouldn’t think of something as detailed as I would), I expect the New Breed to win since McMahon really wants to push them. 

Carlito vs. Ric Flair: This could be a classic match.  Very old school.  We need a little more of that these days.  It could mean a real push for Carlito in the long run.  I definitely see him getting the win.  Should he turn heel?  Probably.  It’s time to renew the Carlito vs. Cena feud.  Carlito vs. HHH could be fun, too. 

I want MNM to beat Cena and Michaels for the titles and then fight Kendrick and London to see who is the best tag-team.  I believe Kendrick and London have worked hard and deserve a spot on the Wrestlemania roster.

I would love to see Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Chavo Guerrero, too.  Guerrero should join Hector (wow, he looks like Eddie) in TNA when his contract expires. 

And that’s all.  See, I’m not too negative.  I really can’t wait until Wrestlemania.  April 1, couldn’t come any faster. 


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