Badseed's Bottomline # 415

What's Wrong With TNA


Hey yo!  So, I am jumping on the bandwagon and I am going to attack TNA, not because I hate them, but because I am upset with the product they have been putting out as of late.   

Now, while I do not agree with some who say we should send letters to those who sponsor TNA in a hopes of putting the wrestling company on notice, I am in firm agreement with the same writer who thinks something needs to be done. 

I personally think that going to advertisers could cause those advertisers to pull commercial spots only because they just donít want to be bothered dealing with angry fans, leading TNA to lose money and take notice too late, because those advertisers wonít come back. 

I work in the newspaper business and we put our papers on racks in different places.  We keep our papers neat and other papers leave their papers lying all over the place.  When customers complain, a company, like Barnes & Noble do not reach out to papers to fix the problem, they decide to get rid of newspaper racks and no matter how well we maintained our papers or make amends with promises to maintain the entire rack, the sour taste in their mouths from dealing with patrons was enough to turn them off completely.  It happens.  I donít want to see TNA ever lose money. 

Something does need to be done.  I am tired of the incredibly crazy storylines from TNAís Creative Department.  I am just going to list crazy ideas they have come up with. 

Brother Runt is a drunk who is costing his family matches and has become an outcast.  Not only does this stink of Road Warrior Hawkís problems, it just came out of nowhere and it is just another setup for another feud between the brothers, which has been done to death in ECW and the WWE.  And if you are going to go with the feud, donít have him team up with his brothers for a six-man against LAX and Alex Shelley. 

LAX hates Americans.  They have attacked them all.  And then they team up with Alex Shelley.  What?  That makes no sense.  Shelley should not have been involved in this feud at all.  It is pointless to include him and have him help LAX. 

Kevin Nash is Shelleyís friend.  He comes out when Brother Ray makes comments about his friend and then does nothing to help him.  Now, suddenly, he is with Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal, with no mention of what happened between he and Shelley.  Lethal is doing a great impression of Macho Man Randy Savage with writers not realizing that he cannot do that character for too long without just becoming a cheap gimmick. 

Austin Starr and Senshi are competing in matches for the X Division with Bob Backlundís input.  Why?  Since when would Senshiís character ever suggest he would take part in matches like a chicken wing submission match? 

Abyss vs. Sting resembles Sting vs. Vampiro.  I thought the gimmick match was a horrible idea and I think fans are confused.  I think writers are trying to create too much of a story for Abyss and basing it a lot on Kane, involving parents into the angle.  I think this has Russo all over it and I agree with the fans voicing their opinions on that matter.  I think this feud has gone on for too long and needs to stop.

AJ Styles vs. Rhino.  I donít even really understand why this feud even took place.  I am so confused.  They fought because Rhino needed to have AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels not fight since he and Christian were friends and had recently parted violently.  While that may be the reason, it sure got lost in the feud.  Suddenly, AJ Styles and Rhino fight on every PPV for four months and the matches are ruined by stupid gimmicks.  Both can go on their own.  They donít need gimmicks to keep a feud interesting.  Itís bad enough we have had the same exact Team 3D vs. LAX match for how many months straight, we do not need the same thing here.  And now Christian comes in and attacks Rhino again.  Actually, I am all for that.  It keeps continuity. 

You build up Samoa Joe and then have him lose to Christian in the manner in which he didÖitís absurd.  Such a great match ends so horribly wrong.  Sure, in the long run, it makes Samoa Joeís thirst for the title that much greater, but as a fan who saw Monty Brownís title chances suddenly forgotten about, I get worried Joe will see his push go bye-bye because he decided to have an opinion.  Part of it is Joeís fault for not watching his fault and part of it is TNAís fault for punishing someone at the wrong time.  Follow your storylines.  Punish them later. 

When you are going to have an entire PPV follow the gimmick of having every match in a cage, it makes sense to not have too many gimmicks in your matches on prior PPV showings.  It just makes Lockdown that much more special in the long run. 

When you want to keep things fresh, it may not be a good idea to have wrestlers fight the same wrestlers on four straight PPV shows.  I remember when Ric Flair and Rick Rude fought on two straight PPV shows and WCW announcers made a big deal about it.  In TNA, this is the norm and partly Spike Televisionís fault for not giving them a two-hour time slot.  Give them two hours and they can give us repeat matches on free television while they focus on building fresh PPVs.  Just donít give us the repeat match the very next day like the WWE does. 

Letís look at the good points of the company.  The Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe feud and partnership is very much akin to Ric Flair and Sting and Rock and Austin.  I love this idea and I think that TNA is doing a great job in keeping them so close to one another.  There is a tension and respect there that is amazing.  It really works. 

The split between AMW has been handled very well, except for the fact that there was no involvement between the two at the most recent PPV.  It is time to give the fans what they want and have them go at it in a cage.  I think fans will really get into this match and I think the buildup has produced a lot of interest for the feud.  This is a good match for TNA

Now is the right time to bring back Jeff Jarrett as a face.  I think having Jarrett there adds an extra body into the mix and creates some new storylines, as a lot has changed since he left.  I like that Jarrett is coming back, as rumors suggest.  If he takes on a HHH role and does not involve himself in the title mix for close to a year, Jarrett can really make an impact on some of the talent in TNA looking to get a big push. 

Alex Shelley is a plus for this company.  I think he is the Chris Jericho of TNA and is so much like himÖalmost sometimes looking like him, that it would seem odd not to pair them if Jericho was to find his way to TNA.  Shelley is someone who deserved an X Division title run, but could easily find himself a new face in the world title race. 

Austin Starr, Senshi, Christopher Daniels and Homicide are wrestlers who have given Samoa Joe a run for their money in ROH and I think if TNA was smart, they would bring in new X Division talent and start pushing these wrestlers, as stars who can move up and down the ladder, between divisions.  Feuds with Samoa Joe would produce great matches that fans would not soon forget.  Changing Danielsí look is not necessary.  Itís time he moved up with AJ Styles.  He can go.  So can they all. 

TNA was always known for strong tag-teams.  They need to keep that going.  Have Petey Williams free Eric Young and reform Team Canada under a new gimmick.  Elevate Seretonin.  Give VKM something interesting to do in the ring.  They were so hot when they feuded with the WWE and then they just went stale.  Donít make a fool of the Basham Brothers.  Use them wisely.  Turn LAX face, but keep that attitude.  And just give Team 3D the titles already. 

TNA was always strong in pushing new talent to the masses.  Itís time to get new faces.  I just realized that Samoa Joe was the last truly new star that TNA created.  Lately, TNA has brought in Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Tomko and are trying to sign Jericho.  That would be a wise move, but with WSX sort of dying out, signing some of their stars could be huge.  A lot of those wrestlers really can go in the ring.  Matt Sydal is just the tip of the iceberg.  Itís time TNA mixed things up again. 

I am scared.  TNA seems to be trying too hard to compete with the WWE.  Itís not time yet.  There is a lot that can be said to being the alternative to the WWE.  You can still make money.  People want an alternative.  And when the alternative gets more and more attention, slowly, you can start making  push to fight the WWE.  It just makes no sense.  I mean, whatís the  rush.  Focus on yourself first.  Keep building the brand and when you are really ready, just go full force, but a few TNA chants at WWE shows does not make you the #1 promotion in the country. 

I think the problem lies in how writers, like myself, say TNA is way better than the WWE.  I think TNA is the best company right now in terms of the potential action they can provide.  I think a few months ago and during the time when AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe were feuding, TNA was the better company, hands down, but being the better company does not make you really the better company.  The WWE can have a wrestler enter the ring and take a shit and still score a better rating in that quarter than TNA at the moment.  You need to keep putting on the best product and eventually fans will find you. 

Note, I am not an employee of the WWE.  I do not receive a paycheck.  In fact, if you read back a few months, the WWE gave me a job interview, didnít like my criticism of their product and then felt my wrath for several weeks.  I am a wrestling fan.  I want to see wrestling become popular like it was so few years ago.  If you try too hard, wrestling will never move forward.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Keep that in mind.  Peace.




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