Badseed's Bottomline #421

An Encore Presentation

Hey yo!!!  I is crazy to read a column by the Badseed after he supposedly retired from column writing, but if Terry Funk can have a million retirement tours and come back to wrestle, I can write a column every once in awhile as I feel fit. 

But when I say every once in awhile, I really mean it.  I just do not have the time.  But I have been feeling the need to write a few things about the state of wrestling.  So here goes a special treat on Halloween:



 1.  Isn't it interesting that John Cena is not really as missed as I thought he would be?  The guy is gone, but the show seems to have kicked it up a notch since his departure.  The intensity of programs between HHH and Umaga, as well as that of HBK vs. Randy Orton has done a lot to fill the void left behind by the Doctor of Thuganomics.  Now, if only toward the end of his rehab, Cena could start cutting some rap promos against both Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton, a new freshness can be brought back into his character when he does return. 

2.  Why is Carlito being buried?  He is a good wrestler who can cut a decent promo.  I enjoy his work, but when you are the guy they feed a new wrestler, the writing is on the wall...Carlito's days are numbered.  True, a move to Smackdown could help, but the WWE is burying him, so no matter what brand he goes to, the end result will be the same.  Carlito is someone who would truly benefit from a move to TNA.  I would love to see a continuation of the feud that never got off the ground between Christian and Carlito. 

3.  Trevor Murdoch reminds me of that fat kid from Family Guy.  I like the dynamic of his team with Lance Cade and I hope they plan on switching both face rather than split them up as a team.  I have a feeling a split is coming up, but I just don't understand why.  The WWE knows they are never going to push these guys just yet, so why split them.  Cade is not ready to be a singles star.  He will be, but just not yet.  Plus, it would be nice to see a team last a little while longer these days.  But I did love how Murdoch saved Mickie James.  It came out of was never teased...and it just happened.  Spontaneity like that is welcome. 

4.  I like the Highlanders as heels.  They fit that role better, but they need more teams to destroy.  I miss Cryme Tyme.  What a mistake it was letting them go. 

5.  Jeff Hardy has been amazing on the mic as of late.  I hope they continue to push him. 

6.  DH Smith is cool and all, but does Raw really need new wrestlers when Smackdown and ECW are the ones in need of fresh acts. 

7.  I wish they found a way to bring Kennedy back into the McMahon fold.  This Hornswoggle nonsense has run its course.  They really dropped the ball on the McMahon drama.  This could have been something that would have invigorated the company.  It would have realigned HHH and Stepahnie McMahon.  It would have resulted in a great HHH vs. Kennedy feud.  Shane McMahon would have been excellent in a one-shot match with Kennedy.  This could have recaptured the magic of the Attitude Era, if done right, and they didn't do it right.  Horrible!!! 

8.  Wow.  I forgot Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were still a team.  That sucks.  They were awesome once.  I don't get why they can't be awesome again.  Move them to Smackdown where more teams are needed. 

9.  I like the Cody Rhodes-Hardcore Holly dynamic.  It works considering Holly's past with rookies, but with Rhodes never winning a match between the two, a split is definitely eminent.  I think Rhodes would make a better heel than he looks.  And I do like the idea, as mentioned on another site, of a 3rd Generation Stable involving Orton, Rhodes, Dibiase and some others. 

10.  Umaga is amazing.  He constantly finds his way into the thick of main events and he always delivers.  But it is time he went to Smackdown where he has so much more to offer in feuds with Batista, Undertaker and possibly the Great Kahli. 

11.  The best for last.  Chris Jericho.  I can't wait to see him make a return to the WWE.  This is a guy who never has a bad match.  I see nothing, but great things for him when he does return, but the funny thing is...not much has changed since he left.  Randy Orton, HBK, HHH, John Cena...they were all on Raw at one time when Jericho was there.  These are not fresh opponents for Jericho.  A feud with Carlito and a great one with Ken Kennedy will occupy some time, but where does Jericho go from there?  I hope they have something planned out. 

12.  My plan was better.  When those codes started appearing about being saved and what not, I thought it would be great to have HBK return first, then Edge and then Jericho and tie them all in with the code.  Make it like a biblical group of sorts.  And that they were all there to get revenge for different reasons.  A stable involving Chris Jericho, Edge and HBK just sounded pretty sweet to me.  But what do I know. 

Smackdown & ECW

1.  I hate this talent exchange.  Why can't they just bring up a few more wrestlers and move them to ECW?  Johnny Jeter is amazing.  I saw some of his matches with Matt Cappotelli and I think he has a real future.  With OVW and FCW, I am sure several wrestlers could have been brought in to make a big difference in ECW.  Plus, what is the point of having CM Punk and Batista as champions of their own brands.  Why not just unify the belts already?  This is a bad thing for up-and-coming stars like Punk who are still not considered main event stars for the Big 2 of Raw and Smackdown. 

2.  It's time to move Rey Mysterio to Raw.  There is nothing left for him to do on Smackdown at all.  His matches with Finley have been great, but there is nothing more that can come from it. 

3.  I love that JBL is getting more physical.  I look forward to his return to the ring. 

4.  Jesse and Festus are fun to watch in the ring.  I can't believe Terry Gordy's son is on that team.  He wrestles nothing like his father and doesn't look anything like him either.  Too bad they couldn't find a way to create a Freebirds 2,0 stable, because while I think this team is fun to watch, I actually do not like their look when it comes to the team.  I miss the days when teams wore similar attire.  That's a lot art form. 

5.  Get rid of the Major Brothers...they suck!!!

6.  I love the angle with Jamie Knoble.  At least he is getting some television time.  I think that's great.  Now, if they can just bring back the cruiserweight title.  I think Knoble would be the perfect choice for that belt.  Although I can't wait for Gregory Helms to return.  That belt was made for him.  Wasn't it nice to see the cruiserweights get ring time during the whole Hornswoggle debacle.  What happened?  So sad. 

7.  Elijah Burke is a main event star in the making.  The funny thing is, I think he would work better as a face. 

8.  MVP and Matt Hardy are actually the best reason to watch wrestling today.  Whether the WWE intended for this to happen, this team is amazing and innovative.  We have seen teams forced together in the past, but this team works differently.  MVP is actually worth cheering at times when he saves Matt.  We all know he is saving him so he can hold on to his U.S. title, but when  he does, you can see how popular MVP can be.  After his matches with Chris Benoit, and his current position with Matt Hardy, MVP has proven that he is a major star who could one day be the face of the WWE.  Matt Hardy has been given new life with this angle and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.  I can see him getting one last run with Edge involving the World Title.  I can go on and on about the dynamics of this pairing.  I would love to see MVP turn on Matt Hardy before their U.S. Title match...have Matt win the title...and then have MVP save Matt Hardy from a beatdown by whoever as a show of respect that will ultimately turn MVP face. 

9.  Why are Kane, Big Vis, Great Khali and Mark Henry even around any more?  They are doing nothing with any of them.  Kane should go back to being a heel.  Vis should be let should the Great Khali and Mark Henry needs a trip to Raw. 

10.  It's horrible that the Hart Foundation 2.0 stable could not get off the ground, but it's time some of those guys were moved up to Smackdown/ECW.  I just think they could still do something with them. 

11.  Get rid of the Boogeyman!

12.  Use Stevie Richards more.  He was starting to catch on. 

13.  Balls Mahoney and Miz...I like the feud.  I think Balls deserves this exposure.  And Miz is really shining on the mic. 

14.  Batista vs. Undertaker is an amazing feud.  I love their matches.  They bring back that old school flare that surrounded a big man match involving Hulk Hogan and anyone else.  It has been great to watch the two of them go at it.  I can't wait for their Hell in the Cell encounter. 


1.  Wow...did TNA really make the WWE women's division look weak with their slew of Knockouts.  Gail Kim is doing more than the WWE ever allowed her to do and TNA is pushing this match between her and Amazing Kong like they would push Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle.  They are just building up for this showdown.  Great booking. 

2.  That XXX vs. LAX Ultimate X match was out of this world.  TNA does more with its tag-teams than any other company has ever done.  Remember when the WWE used to have great tag-team feuds that didn't involve the titles.  Nowadays, they only have feuds surrounding the strap.  Everyone else gets lost in the mix.  But with TNA, this undercard match became the match of the night.  Great move. 

3.  The Motor City Machine Guns are also one of the most exciting teams to watch.  Their feud with Team 3D is getting even more attention than the tag-team title feud.  I love when a company is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to feuds.  The WWE would have never thought to have the Motor City Machine Guns come out and interfere in a match involving the Steiners, because they would have never used the Michigan connection. 

4.  I love watching the Steiner Brothers in the ring.  They still have it.  They are not as great as before, but they are definitely a lot of fun to watch.  I feel bad for teams like VKM, who get lost in the shuffle. 

5.  AJ Styles' character has really grown on me.  He's amazing and I can't wait until he turns face again, because they have really built up his character and found a way to make him fresh again. 

6.  The Christian vs. Samoa Joe feud was awesome.  Christian is still a force in the company and I can't remember a time when there were so many main event level caliber wrestlers in the same company as once.  The WWE Attitude Era with Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker, HHH and Mick Foley was the last time the WWE could switch the belts around like they did.  TNA has that now with so many great stars to choose from.  Yet, they don't let anyone else get lost too far into the shuffle.  Everyone eventually bounces back. 

7.  Robert Roode has grown on me, because of his great promo against Junior Fatu.  That was an amazing promo.  He is almost ready to deserve a push. 

8.  I think they are going to flip flop America's Most Wanted.  Chris Harris seems like a Bret Hart-type heel anyways and James Storm is actually funny as hell...he almost is a face without trying to be. 

9.  Why does Sting never hold on to a World Title for long? 

10.  I can't wait for Booker T in TNA.  He is really going to make an impact there, because he has so much to prove with the company and against the WWE. 

11.  Scott Hall is another great addition, because I can see him making an impact, too.  He is a great talent when he wants to be and he is that type of wrestler that the WWE doesn't want to touch, but TNA is not afraid to give a chance.  He is the type of wrestler who has a way of surprising people. 

12.  It would be cool to see the Big Show come back, but would he fit in TNA?  He would be too much of a monster, but you never know? 

13.  Matt Morgan is friggin awesome.  He is going to make the WWE pay for letting him go. 

14.  Why isn't Jim Cornette a heel?  He is an amazing heel. 

15.  I think RVD and even X-Pac are the missing pieces of the TNA puzzle.  I can see both offering the company a lot of great action in the X Division and the main event scene. 

16.  Raven is back and I hope he continues to improve.  I missed him. 

17.  I forgot that Jeff Jarrett is still about to return, too.  Wow.  There is a blast from the past that could help or hurt depending on how you look at it. 

18.  When looking at the roster and potential roster, I think TNA is really on the verge of pulling it together in the next year or so.  I can see them reaching a 1.5 by next year and keep going from there.  Slowly, but surely...they will make it work. 

And that's all.  I had a lot to say.  Wrestling is still not as much fun as it used to be.  TNA is still putting together the best product with Smackdown occassionally surprising me as of late and RAW and ECW disappointing me each week with the lack of originality, but I will continue watching and maybe come back with another Badseed's Bottomline in the future.  Until then, keep it in the ring.  Peace

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