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Angles and Questions

Hey yo!  I’m back.  I just left my job with the Bronx Times Reporter and now have a new job that allows me a little more time, so expect to see me a bit more in the coming weeks, as I express my opinions on the state of the wrestling world today.  Let’s get started. 

TNA – A Matter of Respect

This is probably one of the best storylines going right now in the world of wrestling.  This is the new NWO.  This is the new WWE Attitude.  The problem is, no one is really watching and it is sad, because everyone should.  It actually makes me feel like I did back in the day when I was writing about the WWE and wondering why everyone was watching WCW.  But then a comment by Tony Schiavone about Mick Foley, along with the rise of Steve Austin and The Rock changed the face of wrestling.  That gives me hope that TNA will one day turn things around.  Funny thing is, Mick Foley is coming aboard and while he is not as big a draw as he was in the past, maybe he is just one of the catalysts needed to get them over the top.  

In case you are not aware, right now Sting is attacking AJ Styles and Samoa Joe because they are disrespecting the industry.  The thing is, at first, it seemed that it was a battle between the old and the new, but who should come aboard to offer AJ Styles and Samoa Joe a helping hand, but Jeff Jarrett, as it appears to be.  Now, it is really a battle of TNA vs. the stars of the past who seemed to take advantage of the success to help continue their own careers, as much as they refuse to admit it.   The great thing here is that Sting is being cheered by the fans still.  It’s also an interesting dynamic to see Sting as the possible heel and Jeff Jarrett as the possible baby face, considering his heel status for so long.  They are totally blurring the lines.  There is no black and white in TNA.  The company is treating the fans with respect, letting them decide who they want to cheer and making the storylines not too clear cut, to let everyone be right in their choices.  Right now, the WWE is not doing that.  TNA is offering something fresh for wrestling fans.   

Right now, it appears that AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are the only ones battling Sting, Booker T and Kurt Angle, but it appears some seeds are being planted for other additions to the feud.  Kevin Nash seems to be neutral, but he agrees with what Sting is preaching, making him a shoe-in to join Sting’s little army.  I find the Four Ways to Glory match to be fascinating.  I don’t want to see Christian turn heel, but being that no one is really a heel in the story…it’s a matter of perception and respect…I find it odd to see Christian, Booker T and Kurt Angle – all former WWE stars – against Samoa Joe in the same match.  So, it is quite possible we can see Christian join the group and help take out Samoa Joe in the match.  Rhino should join Christian.  I also see Team 3D in there with Sting’s army, along with Scott Steiner when he returns.  I see BG James being a small part of the group, too.   

Now, on the other side, I believe The Motor City Machine Guns will be a perfect addition to the group, as they have been showing a great amount of disrespect, as of late, most recently to BG James.  Also, I think Jay Lethal and Shark Boy are targets, as they are “not respecting” the legends of the business by mocking them.  Obviously, Jeff Jarrett is on the side of Samoa Joe, since he bought TNA and groomed stars like AJ Styles to take over the business.  This is also a chance for Matt Morgan to really shine and it will be good to see Abyss go against Sting.  Tomko can also join the faction with a storyline that, while the WWE gave him a start, he never felt respected by the company, believing TNA to give him his only real break in wrestling.  I would also put Sonjay Dutt into the angle to force him together with Jay Lethal again, adding to the interesting dynamic.  And, of course, this is an excellent chance to have LAX shine.   

Now, who shows their allegiance to Sting?  Well, Johnny Devine is with Team 3D.  Petey Williams is with Scott Steiner.  Frank Trigg is with Kurt Angle.  I think Eric Young, as a Sting fan, should join Sting, but Super Eric should side with Samoa Joe.  That would be fun.  And I think that two wrestlers would make an excellent addition to the mix.  I believe Mick Foley has to come in with the most fantastic promo, attacking wrestlers for not going through what he had to go through…sleeping in his car and so on.  He is an excellent promo and it would fit in perfect; an angry tone – it just sets everything up perfectly and sets the stage immediately for a hardcore battle between Foley and Abyss.  But what about Ric Flair?   

Well, Ric Flair is a wildcard.  He can come in and talk about tradition and what not.  He could be the epitome of what Sting is talking about, but what if he came out and took Sting to task for talking about taking him under his wing and teaching him respect for the business when he felt Sting never showed respect, which was why the Four Horsemen attacked him so many years ago.  He can also talk about how Sting was right not to show respect and take what he wanted, because that was what the Four Horsemen was about; disrespecting others and taking control.  He could side with Jarrett and we could see one more Sting vs. Ric Flair match.  That is only if Ric Flair decides to cash in on his WWE release and do something right with it.  Ric Flair would do so much for the business if he was not part of a big company, but ended his career the way he began it, in a company that always took a backseat to the WWE.  Ric Flair has so much to offer guys like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles that it may not be seem right to join the group after the sendoff by the WWE, but it is the best thing for the business.  Everyone wins, even the WWE, by Ric Flair educating a new crop of stars and giving the WWE a little competition with his TNA affiliation.  Competition helps.  Flair, not Foley, is the key to TNA’s success in the future. 


Guest Booker with Badseed – Continuing HBK vs. Y2J until Wrestlemania

Right now, now that Edge is gone, the only good storyline going on in the WWE is the story around HBK and Chris Jericho.  The feud started slow after Wrestlemania, with Batista thrown into the mix, but really picked up steam right before Night of the Champions when Jericho shocked viewers by throwing Shawn Michaels into his video monitor.  Their match at Great American Bash could have been the end of it, but the way it ended, with Jericho winning the match by TKO, with the eye injury taking center stage, moved it along further until Summerslam where Jericho hit the shot hurt around the world.  But where do you go from here.  As I write this, Jericho and HBK will fight an unsanctioned match at Unforgiven, one I believe HBK needs to win in order to keep the heat on this feud going.  My goal is to get it to go on until Wrestlemania.   

October – I think Shawn Michaels takes out Jericho tonight, leading to an episode of Raw where Lance Cade finally moves on from being a background player to one of importance.  Looking to avenge Jericho, Cade lands an amazing promo about his former mentor.  Cade starts winning matches with the superkick and the elbow drop before his battle with HBK at No Mercy ends in a violent double countout.  The two have a rematch scheduled at Cyber Sunday.  Fans will vote on several different options, including a superkick challenge with HBK winning, before Jericho comes down and gets his revenge.   

November – Survivor Series is set up with HBK and HHH as co-captains of their team vs. Jericho, Cade, Edge, The Brian Kendrick.  I haven’t thought of the particulars involving the other participants.  I just thought it would be nice to give HBK an ally for a bit and to keep things away from singles matches for awhile.  I think Jericho wins the match over HBK in the end.   

December – Cade and Jericho brutalize HBK with a chair and HHH comes running down with a sledgehammer to make the save.  Mike Adamle bans HHH from appearing on Raw, as he is a contracted Smackdown superstar and schedules a match between Michaels and a partner of his choosing vs. Cade and HBK at Armageddon.  Fans will make guesses as who it is…Kevin Nash, or Sid Vicious, but on the show, HBK is joined by Marty Jannetty The Rockers win the match, but Jericho and Cade attack and Sid Vicious runs into the ring, but instead of helping Michaels, he smashes a chair over Jannety’s head and completely takes him out of the picture.   

January – Sid Vicious vs. Shawn Michaels.  The match ends with Batista saving Michaels and the two shaking hands to end their issues.  Meanwhile, we can enter CM Punk into the feud by having him and Jericho go at it over a title shot, as Punk lost the belt to Randy Orton.  If Orton has not won the title yet, then Jericho will be fighting Punk for the title.  This will lead to a six-man showdown at No Way Out.   

February would be the big six-man showdown that will lead to Wrestlemania. 

March – While Batista will battle Sid Vicious, Michaels and Jericho will meet in a steel cage match.  Jericho will make promos about how HBK’s life has been flashing before his eyes.  HHH, Sid Vicious, Marty Jannetty, Cade, and even Batista, and now it is all time to say goodbye, courtesy of the most important part of your history, Chris Jericho.  HBK will put his career on the line, as Ric Flair did the year before, but this time HBK will finally come out victorious.  And then, I think the WWE should switch him over to Smackdown with HHH, keeping him separate from Jericho for awhile, effectively ending the feud after a year. 


Quick Questions

Why don’t they have managers anymore who would be affective in being voice boxes for incredibly gifted wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin?   

Wouldn’t a manager be perfect for a House of Horrors type stable like the Boogeyman, Snitsky, and Mike Knox – a new age Mr. Fuji or General Skandar Akbar? 

Shouldn’t they further Knox’ development through more Bruiser Brody type behavior, including a heinous act that gets him suspended? 

Does it seem to you that the WWE is trying hard to emulate AJ Styles with Evan Bourne? 

Why would you split up a hot act like LAX when the best thing to do is keep them together, but in singles competition?  Homicide would be better off in the X Division while Super Mex is marketable in the heavyweight division.  They can team at times against Scott Steiner and Petey Williams, but keep things separate most times until their singles runs are over and TNA can put them as a team again. 

Doesn’t TNA do a great job with those viral ads for Suicide? 

While I want TNA to hold on to its wrestlers and get more, too, why can’t I help wanting to see Christian in the WWE again?

Why hasn’t Monty Brown come back?

Where is Elijah Burke

ECW has totally reinvented itself.  Hasn’t it becomes one of the most enjoyable shows to watch these days?  And hasn’t Mark Henry proven that he deserves the title? 

Why are they blasting MVP when he is probably one of the best prospects for the future?   

Wouldn’t Reid Flair vs. Cody Rhodes be the best possible feud for the future?   

Wouldn’t it be great for this column to just end?  Until next time, this is Badseed and that’s the bottomline.  Peace

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