First Impressions

Bad Teacher

Aired on: CBS

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Quite honestly, I had no intention of watching Bad Teacher, a new CBS television series based on the comedic movie starring Cameron Diaz, about a foul-mouthed party girl who becomes a teacher so she can raise enough money to buy breast implants.  The television series was supposed to be a bit different, but, having seen the film and finding it not all that impressive, I had resolved to pass on the television series.  But, in the interest of our readers, I decided to check out the premiere episode of Bad Teacher which aired on April 24, 2014 at 9:30pm EST.

            Bad Teacher stars Ari Graynor as Meredith Davis, a trophy wife who finds herself penniless when she divorces her rich husband after he cheats on her with a younger woman.  After picking up her friend’s stepdaughter (Sara Rodier) from school and realizing that a great many hot, wealthy divorced dads picking up their children from the same school, Meredith has an idea - she will become a teacher in an effort to land her next wealthy husband.

            Having no past experience at teaching, Meredith fakes her résumé and charms the recently divorced principal (David Alan Grier) into giving her a job as a history teacher.  There she meets the socially inept teacher Irene (Sara Gilbert), who idolizes Meredith from the start; the “perfect” Ginny Taylor-Clapp (Kristen Davis), who is out to oust Meredith from the school and gym teacher Joel Kotsky (Ryan Hansen), a former high school classmate with a desire to sleep with Meredith.

            But despite having no desire to actually teach and a great desire to find a hot, wealthy man she can manipulate into marrying her so she can quit working, Meredith shows that she has a heart.  She is not willing to let less popular girls be bullied and offers them some protection from the popular girls while attempting to teach them how to defend themselves.  Could it be that Meredith has some good teaching qualities after all?

            While I thoroughly disliked the film, I found myself enjoying the television adaptation of Bad Teacher.  This is a softer version of the film, featuring a slightly different premise and a bit less drug usage.  Believe it or not, the situations Meredith finds herself in during the premiere episode actually endear her character to the viewer rather than repulsing them as in the film.  One can actually see that there is a caring person hidden inside the gold-digger persona of Meredith Davis.

            I can honestly say that Bad Teacher is a show I wouldn’t mind checking out again.  Perhaps the television series will succeed in winning me over in ways that the film could not.


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