Bait 3D

Composed by: Joe Ng and Alex Oh

Distributed by: Screamworks Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In Bait 3D, Xavier Samuel is Josh, an Australian lifeguard whose happy life ended the day he was unable to save his future brother-in-law and fellow lifeguard Rory (Richard Brancantisano) during a great white shark attack at the beach.  Flash forward a year and we find Josh working as a supermarket stock boy.  Of course, Josh's luck is as bad as ever.  During a hostage situation caused by a botched robbery at the store, a rare tsunami hits, filling the store with water and trapping people inside.  Unfortunately, it isn't just people trapped inside.  The tsunami brought in some great whites as well and its all that Josh and his trapped acquaintances can do to try to survive the feeding frenzy.

                The musical score of Bait 3D was created by the Singaporian film scoring team of Joe Ng and Alex Oh.  Joe Ng's musical career began in the 1990s as singer/songwriter of the rock band The Padres.  But by 1999, Ng found his niche in scoring for film and television, becoming one of Singapore's most sought after musical composer.  His résumé includes musical scores for The Maid, Rule Number One, and The Kidnapper.  Alex Oh began his musical scoring career in the early 2000s, earning a nomination for the Best Original Music Score from Asian Television Awards in 2004 for the television drama The Frontline.  Since then, he has composed a number of musical scores for television and film, including The Maid, Rule Number One, Forever and more.

                The musical score of Bait 3D features mainly orchestral themes.  The Opening track's music reminds me of the shark movies I have seen in the past.  The music seems to say, "Oh, look at the beauty of the beach as the water laps at the shore.  All is right with the world in this sunny beach community."  Of course, we know by the second track, Shark Bait, that nothing is alright as music played in lower registry reminds us that this is not a happy tale of beach life.  Terror comes quickly as the sharks attack, represented by strange electronic sound to remind you of the eeriness surrounding the shark's silent circling hunt, followed by bursts of music to represent the attack itself.  In the midst of all the terror, action and suspense is a subplot love story, expressed through light strings, harps and woodwinds.  But the soft tones of love aren't long for this tale as the fight for survival resumes.

                The Bait 3D Soundtrack features some interesting musical score.  As a stand alone album, I'm not at all certain that anyone would by the Bait 3D Soundtrack just on music merits alone.  But, as I listened to each of the twenty tracks on the album, I could easily picture the circling of the predator as these folks fought to stay alive in the unlikeliest of locations for a shark to be hunting them.  The music seems to perfectly reflect the events and emotions of the tale.


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